Read If You Dare But Don’t Stay Too Long You’ll Be Pulled Into the Abyss

Lost in the unknown world of neural space

dark matter seen only with words

of unknown origin

brought to the surface

within range of understanding but

not ..

light streams moving along in constant measure

we are variable receptors seeking


our infant to nurture and feed

the animating force

the sight ..

those feelings

so unique in their immensity

they have dwelled inside of me for decades

waiting to be explained or

at lease contemplated …

until i looked into

eerie green water one day

while fishing in the boat house

staring down into the water watching

light streams that looked like broken shards stabbing downward

through the water into what depths I could not see

but sensed their immensity.

Did they all join together I wondered

frightened by such a monstrous thought

to form some sun within the depths?

Maybe what I saw was some sort of two way conveyance

like i’d seen one day … one instant when the light was right

while glancing into the trees

tens of thousands of thin spider strands

stretched taught between trees or leaves or maybe even

soil or weeds (i couldn’t tell)

criss crossing the air

their makers moving two and from destinations

i saw their movement along their straight lines

like air ships from “Blade Runner” or

those tubes that take your money at the bank

or your prescription at the drug store though

infinitely more numerous ridden by life transporting itself

with conscious foresight from point A to point B

for some reason only they knew

Their riders had purpose

traversing worlds

along thin strands within

prisms of color so thin as not to be seen

was I the only one to have witnessed such a miracle?

another  world hidden from ours

seen through windows open

for mili seconds when light and time and angles and place and being

we perfectly stretched

split seconds if you are  lucky to see

another world

completely  unknown.


Looking into that green water with the shards of light streaming down

 where did they all go do they somehow come together?

Maybe I was witnessing some terrestrial event

just as life is broken into colors by a prism

maybe the thin light shards were

fragments of rays everywhere

plunging downward to some source deep within the unknown or

the unknowable animating sun gathering those shards deep within

… reassembling their gathered energy into light sunspots

thrown back into the world ..

Light energy spreading out fanlike giving color … sight … awareness

the animating force enveloping dark matter

giving it substance, body, mass.


I thought,  are we dark matter bathed in light

existing for brief sparks of time then

broken into elemental fragmented slices of energy

streaming downward

to the conjugal spot

riding strands like i saw that afternoon

when i looked  through the trees and leaves

at those spiders

moving to and fro along shards of thin web strands  …

analogous to our brain structure

criss crossing neural pathways?

Those shards of fragmented light slicing back down

through that eerie green water the

energy that remains when we stop living?

the tiny sparks of awareness

gathered then spewed back

from the animating force deep within … sunspots

of animation drawn down once again and again

returning broken, fragmented, shards of light

the power that streams through ourselves

streamed back downward gathered together and re-given?


It was a frightening vision looking down through that eerie green water

into the unknown depths conjuring  up thoughts of infinity

no end in sight.

Like standing on the edge of the tallest building looking down

sensing that if you stayed too long

you’d be pulled into the

great abyss …

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