continued …. then one day my car gave up the ghost which meant that every night at eleven then again at seven a.m. I had to hitch rides to and from work in the cold, dark, night of winter…


(that cold winter bitch! I hated her as she relentlessly tried to embrace me with her icy, frigid, killing fingers) 

… so that I could walk into the jaws of that doped up idiot beast to work at that cesspool where the creatures of the night gathered  for their food and drink in that ugly parallel universe.

What kept me going were thoughts of the test!

‘’Everything’ll be o.k. if I can just take the test! I’ll pass it and then I’ll be warm.  I’ll be able to move about the planet freely.  I’ll have respectability.  I’ll have a reason to live!’’

I felt confidence hover over me like a warm, refreshing breeze blown in from some faraway place I didn’t know existed.  A place where living things grew from the wind.  I felt the breeze drawing closer.  My mind and body sensed the wind’s presence.  I hungered for the relief I knew the wind would bring so that I could grow and be free.

Finally the day of the test came!

… continued