The Crossroad II

images-3Then one day I read an ad in the paper for employment in the civil service as a psychometrist.  A psychometrist?   I read the job description.  I found out a psychometrist is a person who gives psychological tests.

I pictured myself giving sophisticated tests that measured intricacies of thought.  I saw myself exploring the pathways of the brain discovering portals through which I could look into people’s brains to see what makes them tick!  All I needed was my degree and to pass the civil service exam.  I knew I could pass that damn test!

My discovery set off an explosion of hope within me!  A flame began to burn inside.  I raised my head up high.  I saw himself on the distant horizon, tiny and almost invisible but, for the first time in my life, clearly defined!

I decided to take the test and change my life forever!

I knew my journey toward respectability wouldn’t be an easy one.  I still had to work and I hated that shitty job. But, the test wasn’t that far down the road so I tried to stay positive.

Then one day, my car gave up the ghost!

Which meant that every night at eleven then again at seven a.m. I had to hitch rides to and from work in the cold, dark, dead of winter.

(… that cold winter bitch! I hated her as she constantly tried to embrace me with her icy, frigid, killing fingers .)

continued … 

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