Without Love

… we make our way across the frozen tundra of our hopeful desires/ unaware that beauty rests just below the surface of our painful hearts/ a streak of light unseen/ nestled within each throb of hurt/the light of hope/ the knowledge that Love exists only/ were it not for the pain that comes with it.

Verification of Love’s existence/its very presence/the other half needed to complete the whole.

Darkness and light/giving form to our illusions/the clarity to continue unfettered/the price we pay for knowledge of the truth/the dark pain we feel/the price we pay/to find life’s meaning.

… we walk into the fuel can of our hearts unknowing/the air stifling and flammable/pock marked faces/the scars of infidelity/the permanance of death/the knowledge of wasted time/the loss of hope/the bitter balm of lost love … The random scars of life and love and beauty and pain giving meaning/to all consuming desire/beautiful with lust and anger/the call of bliss and freedom/the prisons of our minds/the sight of everything good given meaning/yet steeped in painful search along the way/the choices that we make/the human condition … are they real or illusion … ?

Without love/life has no meaning.

Without pain/there can be no love.

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