I never would have ever thought that some day I’d go mad!

I mean, who does?

I know a few “Madders.”  It caught them off guard too!

Maybe going mad is just another road sign along the way.  In which case;  GREAT!  I’m so glad I’m going mad!

(Not really … )

Going mad isn’t exactly funny.  In fact, going mad isn’t funny at all!

Unless you’re some sick bastard who enjoys watching someone else’s pain … in the form of sheer madness.

(Ha Ha … Jason’s wife just took the kids and moved to Rio de Janiero!  I bet he’s totally fucked up!  Ha Ha Ha … .)

So you see, I don’t think there’s anything good about going mad!

There’s nothing to learn from the experience except what it feels like to slowly slowly cyclonic darker, leaned closer to,  mind and body’s uneasy truce, surrender …..

Horrified silence …