The Creature From the Black Canal

They warned me about the alligator floating around the canal in back of the house. I scoffed at their advice.

I needed to whack the weeds on the bank leading down to the canal. I waited until the sun dropped below the tree line to start the job. Who wants to whack weeds in ninety nine degree heat?


At the shoreline I turned away from the water to get the weeds under the banana tree when I felt a tug on my leg then, sharp pain!

I looked down. My leg was between its teeth! The last thing I remember was water being forced into my nostrils and a sense of hopelessness.

I woke up sputtering!! I thought I was drowning! Then I realized I had poured an entire bottle of Fuji water onto my face most of it having drained into my nose.

While coughing violently, I happened to look down at the canal where I saw two giant marbles a little smaller than tennis balls floating on the surface.

When a paddle shaped, warty snout with two puncture holes at the end and what appeared to be thousands of teeth (although there could have been more) began to rise out of the water, I knew I had come face to face with a big alligator! A big fugator!

Still coughing violently I scanned the area for a limb to throw at the big fucker when the hammock I’d been sleeping on flipped me!

The canvas had wrapped itself around me. I was trapped like an ear of corn!!

I swayed like a pendulum for around 30 seconds before coming to rest my head 12 inches or so above ground.  I stared down at the Gator, my world turned completely upside down, my arms clasped along both sides of my body feeling totally helpless.

What made matters worse was, the Fuji bottle had lodged itself below my waist at a very bad place which was causing me a lot of pain!

The gator took two steps onto land its beakey snout with all those teeth leading the way.

The reticular area of my brain was thoroughly confused. Since fight or flight was not an option I struggled.

“Would you like some cheeze and crackers?” she said.

Her appearence or the sound of her voice startled the gator. Quick as a slippery bean pole on the Fourth of July the only things left to see were white water froth, little whirl pools and eddies and the yaw of its rounded beak and those teeth (!)slinking down below the inky surface of that canal.

She didn’t look down quickly enough to see its teeth before they disappeared. She thought the movement of the water was caused by turtles. She warned me again about the gator.

A half hour later, finally free from the clutches of the hammock I ate two cracker and cheezes and threw up.

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  1. allthoughtswork

    Was this your first time smokin’ weed?


    1. Kurt Struble

      wrote a longish comment about your wonderful blog and my experiences as a landscaper. but somehow i lost it. wull … probably that last ‘vape’ i sucked in had something to do with it. thanks for the ‘like’ … and same to you … ks


      1. allthoughtswork

        Hope you know I was attempting a joke but, hey, if you’re actually tokin’, it’s a free country. Well, it’s a free country in certain states, anyway.

        Thanks for reading.


  2. Kurt Struble

    no …

    and you? k

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kurt Struble

    don’t know how my reply , “No .. and you? k” got posted at 1:35 a.m. in response to your comment made at 2:19 a.m. It makes no sense! I think it’s the time warp between eastern and pacific time zones.

    In any case, Florida is still in a Reefer Madness zone … for now anyway … but my son lives in seattle. so I often find myself in the O-Zone.

    I knew it was a joke … but I wasn’t quite sure ……

    by the way, my son is a herbologist who makes fermented beverages from various herbs mostly ginger … his ginger beer is fantastic. He added chammomile (sp?) and another ingredient to give a little “heat” to his last batch. Sells to a few bars who use it as a mixer … under the name Malus.

    My story was a joke too. Hope you got a laugh out of it. This charachter who often appears within my “Humor” category pieces, is a real dumb shit. I’d be afraid to get him high. I have no idea what he might do.

    There’s a strong feeling of kinship between us but, after all these years I still can’t figure out why??


    Anyway, we have the Malaluka (spelling bad .. ) tree down here that a lot of people call a “paper tree” because of the curling bark. Brought here in the early 1900s to absorb water from swampy areas it’s now an invasive species that grows everywhere.

    Have a cottage in northern Michighan ;pine forests along the shore of Lake Huron where I get to see birch trees peeling their beautiful bark.

    A recent infestation of a certain type of beetle up there has destroyed nearly all the ash trees in the region.

    take care again … I’ll be reading you … ks


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