Dusty: May She Rest In Peace

I picture Dusty wanting to come in/or facing the sliding glass door window wondering if she wanted to go out.  .

What should I do? Slide the door open or turn and walk away?

At the precise moment I finish asking the question, I hear her plaintive OOWWWwwww …

“She answered my question!!  She does that all the time!”

The door slides open.

She stands, stares straight ahead for at least 30 seconds, maybe even a minute before limping,  her right hind quarter damaged from an accident before we adopted her, across the aluminum threshold into the screened lanai.

“She’s always done that!” I say to myself.

“Don’t all cats have a thing about going through doors?!  Maybe we should wait one more day.”

I feel tears welling.  I see the world through glowing ripples.

Maybe we can put it off until tomorrow?   But …

I know the time is right …

1995 – 2016
May She Rest In Peace

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