The Kathy and Derek Chronicle III: The Penis In ‘Yard Sale’ Seems To Be Getting Larger!


When I turned to remark about the penis in ‘’yeard’’ sale, the male half of my two friends Derek, a giant of a man, six feet four at least, his bald head shining in the afternoon sun, his front teeth showing from behind lips stretched back into a wide grin, loomed  larger and larger within my field of vision until only the buttons on his plaid shirt were visible.
I closed my eyes and felt a hard embrace. Since I hadn’t seen Derek in a while I returned the favor while pounding the angel bone on the right side of his back, with my open hand.
When I pulled back from his hug and looked at his smiling face,  his eyes wide and round and blue, his mouth still stretched side to side, his teeth still showing he said,  ‘’Can you believe how that guy spelled yard?”
 When I turned around Scooter Guy he was attempting to remount his scooter having tipped it right side up by himself …


The penis inserted between the A and D seemed to have grown larger and much more prominent than before.  I asked myself,  why in God’s name would ..

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