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Places I’ve Seen: It’s Where I’ve Been
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The Gray of Darkest Night


I sat and watched in peaceful trance

water cascade toward me,

it’s white caps reaching for the shore

where purest water and land met

in perfect balance.

A half mile off shore men fished in the trough between

shallow water colored tan and

deep water blue that extended to the horizon

then further where deepest knowledge lies hidden beyond the

fog that blurs the boundary line

of the event horizon  …

… when the world and everything in it

came alive!

an immense delta shaped cloud miles across

morphed into a giant sparrow

its tail feathers tendril-like

emerging from a roiling line of black

trailing far behind

each twisting through air

in its own unique way …

parts of the whole drifting away,

thin strands of cloud DNA

seeking like minded life forms

reforming into new more powerful forces or

receding into the mist

i listened for words grown silent;  empty space greater than

the sound of crashing waves,

or the passing wind that filled my ears …

when shades of gray surrounded me;

the sandy bottom of the great lake became a subtle shade of gray;

the white caps a more subtle shade … with motion …

the shoreline grass multi faceted shades,

the sky in slow diminishing muted shades of gray

slowly turning toward

the blue black of night

I was living in the gray zone before nighttime on the

boundary line between time when

 dreams from beyond the horizon are born

within the light of darkest night

Visions of Didn’t Know

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There was that moment when parentage grew wings … when each gave their life so urgently exchanged for their delight … then came storms and sorrow for all the right reasons … a child their only receipt … they became like minded authors on the road of their procession watching them on the field of play the days they shared the child of their creation … brief moments clutched together their pride worn like the finest clothing among like minded throngs … through eyes of momentary glory … the field they all had played on … the field of youthful  glory  …

it didn’t matter how they played … all spaces counted when seen between the lines of who they were … from pole to pole they took their rightful place in exchange for  the delusions … passed on through time and space …

everything i’ve told you could possibly be true and i know you feel the same …

it’s not the knowing that gives life its meaning …

it’s the life there could have been seen between the lines … it’s the Life we thought we didn’t have that

makes it all

worthwhile …