How Can I Take What You Give?

How can I take what
you give

your comfort or satisfaction
your inspiration

from what i give
so selfishly?

i do it because i have to speak
if i’m ‘liked’ or not

respecting those sacred few
above all others who

keep returning …

what kind of friend
am i who won’t go seeking/reaching

for the gold of other’s sacred thought?

for sparks of life and love and
the rare commodity

that which touches me?

that rare commodity
waiting to be explored

and discovered
and seen by me

returning the favor as
you have done with me??

I venture forth from
time to time behind my

self imposed gravity
to look around

to see what i can see …

and when i do it’s
not with usual finding …

I spend my time judiciously
but only there occasionally

do I find the gems that reside
within me comfortably …

gems with cutting edge design and ‘new’ surprise
that sparks an arc/that lights a light

that lets me see

something new within the light of darkest night;

a thought that’s new to witness or to think;
the spark of new creation

or new reality … or some new connection

i seldom find;

words that flow with rise and fall
that part the mist before it all

where truths remain
more clearly seen

that let me fill the space between
the place of my being

waiting to be filled … !

abstract thought to
plummet me inside

to places that reside
where sparks that

arc me, where

i find a place alive … a place

I hardly knew before that seems I’ve always


but never having

spoken of …

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