Far From Satisfactory

Far From Satisfactory

monoliths erected on
the foundations of

those that were
laid down as

foundations for
monoliths being
erected now ….

fortresses where
one can disappear

in embarrassment or

or sense of loss or
shame …

protective barriers from
the slings and arrows of

commitment or
the desire to

blame …

walled off emotions
living in darkness

hunkered down behind
(if necessary) for long periods of

time … until the coast if clear is
ever a chance to take on ….

the persona of
Kathryn Hepburn or

James Dean;

tour guides on some
high class cruise

answering questions giving

complimentary directions …

pleasant car hops and lawn boys
doing their jobs …

compatriots sharing daily
slogs …

skimming past
the ghosts of shared

connected by
the laughter

that ensues
when consuming

the living fruit of shared

existence … brief
respites but

far far

far from

satisfactory …

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