Ghost Trees Wailing In the Wind

A picture couldn’t  capture
the ferocity of constant
wind blowing at least forty m.p.h.

across the surface of the lake
straight from the north

white caps rushing
the water the trees
the sand and leaves …
everything combined
Shhsssshing relentlessly

my hoody inflated into
a reverse parachute
pushing my head and
body backward

dots of rain prickling
my face the occasional
snow flake spiraling through

forcing me to retreat
to calmer climes
along the road
so much
calmer now

than 5 minutes ago when i/first walked to the shoreline

I walked to 23 then back down the hill

hearing cracks and snaps
of dead firs breaking
like sticks

the bottom half
of each broken tree attached
to the ground pointing upward
topped by splinters looking like
beasts in snarling anger
released from prison allowed
to express their furiosity
at the plague of
beetles who had
caused their demise … long gone now …

off to greener
pastures …

their plaintive wails
and pent up frustration
their howls of pain
unheard …

ghost sounds
each tree could only hear

in their own after lives …

ghost trees wailing
at the wind

unheard ..

punctuated by


the initial sound
of ultimate

rot …

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