Strange Life Gone By

Strange Life Gone By

My watch said six o’clock. I looked at the banana grove, the 50 foot pine trees at the crest of the bank, turtle’s heads above the water line, houses across the canal darkening as the gray mist of dusk descended.

I looked at the full moon rising through trees across the canal.

 Memories drifted into my mind.  The storied light of past days.  Roads traveled that brought me to this place at this time; relaxing on a canal in Florida in back of a house with a pool watching the full moon; a portal through which I could always look through and see worlds where I once lived.

 I thought about my first major crossroad when seconds late for the most important event in my life, my world collapsed.

The journey that resulted took me to places I never imagined, inhabited by people who had a profound affect on me.

continued …

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