I Love Sugar I Love Sugar …

… Seconds later I watched them fly over the tops of the trees cawing as they flew away … 


Shortly after saying good bye to the crows,  I walked through the front door just in time for dinner; tender strips of chicken thighs pounded into cutlets and  a vegetable salad made with these tiny nuts called quinoa.

At one point, while eating, I took a breath to say something and sucked one of the little nuts way back into the sinus regions of my head.  I knew I was going to start retching so I threw both hands over my face and ….. retched!

In between the gagging noises, I heard laughter so I peeked between my hands.  Ellie and Lisa were both laughing pretty hard.  Ellie had thrown her head back.  With her mouth wide open, she was laughing hysterically at the ceiling.

Finally,  I coughed so hard I had to leave the table.  I continued to cough and gag in the bathroom around the corner.

When I returned, they were grinning at me. Hugh’s chin rested on the palm of his hand, index finger curled over his upper lip.  Jodi looked up at me through the tops of her eyes.  It looked like Ellie and Lisa would burst out laughing at any second.

I don’t know what that was all about. I told them the nut I coughed up, was about the size of the kidney stone  I passed earlier that summer.  No one said a word.  I guess they didn’t make the connection.

After the dishes were washed we sat around the table talking about music.  Elli played the music of whatever artists we talked about … the Beatles, Frank Zappa, music from the musical Annie, a little Zepelin and Kaskade.

She danced and everyone was entertained.  But, she wouldn’t let me move my chair so that I could watch her.  I think she thought I might make fun of her even though at one point I showed her how to do The Jerk and The Pony.

After that, we sat around eating platters of homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Lisa kept saying .. I love sugar, I love sugar!

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