Red Sun Rising


The S & P down 3.09%, lower than beginning of the year. 

Dow down 2.4% less than beginning of the year. 

Nasdaq down 4.3%

S & P down 9.68%.  

Government debt highest in history borrowing based on consistent three percent growth Growth rate is 2.5% and will either remain or drop further.  

New home sales, always the ‘driver’ of economic growth,  down 5.5%.  

Inventory of unsold homes 7.7%, highest level since 2011.  Higher interest rates expected.  

Stock analysts:  “A wall of worry trying to climb over a mountain of doubt, ” because of T’s policy decisions; trade tensions with China, political tensions, rising interest rates, weakening technicals, insufficient labor pool (companies all over the U.S. can’t get enough workers.  They’ve been deported.)  

T pulled us out of Syria ceding Syria to Russia.

Since T broke treaty with Iran they can go back to enriching uranium if they please.  Without U.S. backing Europe doesn’t have the power to keep Iran from making nuclear weapons.  

T has devastated the economy of Iran by his decision.  They hate us more than ever and that goes for Israel aS well.   

By T’s policy decisions we’ve given up control of the middle east.  Only the bad guys are in control of the Middle East now.   I’d say Israel’s in big trouble.  

T backed out of the Strategic Arms treaty with Russia.  So, we’re back in an arms race with its increasing the possibility of nuclear war either by accident or from a ‘staged’ event.  

T’s trade policy has forced China and Russia … two huge powerful countries have forced them to become allies already doing joint naval training.  Unable to defeat us individually they could do so as allies.

Putin made statement, he’ll be “targeting” countries with U.S. missiles.  

Several generals have made the statement, “We are on the verge of war.”

Russia is deep into our internet could bring down the grid whenever they choose to do so.  

FINALLY: T finally mentioned for first time, the words, “National Emergency” if the migrants get close to the U.S. border.  When a national emergency is declared, a president assumes dictatorial power while being commander in chief of armed forces outside of the rule of law and the checks and balances outlined in the constitution.     

His coup d’gras will be when he declares a national emergency which he has already said he would do.  At that point the U.S. government will have been overthrown. 

Repeat:  When the president .. any president … declares a national emergency they are outside of the control of all checks and balances.  Congress will be powerless to take his power away.  It will be his to keep as long as he deems it necessary.

Of course he will rely on his cronies in congress who will be complicit in his treason to make it SEEM we are still the United States of America.

None of this is speculation.  It’s all true as we speak.  The trend is not going to stop.  There’s too much inertia.  Psycopaths don’t stop their quest for power until they have all power.  Power is the air they breathe.  They’re never satisfied as long as there’s more power they can steal away.  

Mueller needs to release his findings NOW to show the people we have a traitor in the White House in league with Putin bent on destroying the U.S.  

It won’t be enough.  Impeachment isn’t an option.  If Mexico stops the caravan, there’s always the grid.  


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