Epilogue: The Mouse Story

I wrote a story about a mouse that I haven’t posted yet.

This piece is in reference to that story which I will eventually post.

Titled: An Epilogue To the Mouse Story

There’s the possibility of a moral to this story.

The moral to the story may be that you need to know your physical limitations as you grow older.

If you don’t you might end up in 16 inches of water at the bottom of some
big stainless steel washing machine tub.

You don’t believe me?! K

5 thoughts on “Epilogue: The Mouse Story

  1. Kurt Struble says:

    Ugh … Where’s the story? It’s nigh-on impossible to write lenghtly stories since my apple fell from the tree. I have to burn the midnight oil with the yellow flame of a kindle and spiral notebooks. But, there are many stories in the naked city .. Oh … ! Sorry … ! I mean here sitting at the dock of the bay. Something about the air and the ever present smell of pine.


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