The Cottage


A sandy path wide enough for one car, passes the front of the cottage, rises to the top of a sand dune then drops thirty feet to the shoreline of Lake Huron a fresh water sea, the third largest of the five great lakes that surround Michigan, part of the Great Lakes Basin holding 20% of all the fresh water in the world.

Two of the great lakes, Lake Michigan along the west coast and Huron along the east coast,  define the mitten shaped shoreline of Michigan’s lower peninsula.

Across the great lake beyond the horizon the Lake Huron shoreline runs another thousand miles along the Canadian coastline.

Opposite the cottage across an open field the three story Victorian style Coast Guard Station sits looking out across the lake to the far horizon.

Past the cottage in the opposite direction, the path curves left then right to the black top road where I carried the crane to the cottage that day for all to see.

Jake Willis lived in a house along the path on the opposite side of the curve.

continued …

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