What I’d Write About

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What I’d Write About

I stay up all night and write /then I sleep, get up and/start all over again.

I take a notebook and write when I go to the mall or/When I go to restaurants.

I listen to people and write what they say.

I write what people say when I talk on the phone.

I write what flows through my mind even though it’s junk and doesn’t make much sense.

I look at magazines and write the words I see.

I’d describe the granite table top i’m writing on, if I felt like it, then I’d describe the edges.

I’d write about the plastic bottles I took from the garbage can at the gas station yesterday and/The the crotch of that fat girl bent over/Cleansng her car of empty plastic bottles as I pulled in to get gas while she/Threw them into the can.

2 thoughts on “What I’d Write About

  1. walt walker says:

    Now that’s a writer! The last paragraph reminds me of Salinger’s character of Seymour Glass writing the haiku about the little girl on the airplane who turned her doll’s head around to look at him.


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