Endless Possibilities


Driving out endless possibilities/pictures skating over thin ice/holes chopped through frozen reality/broken dreams in hospital/waiting for repair.

Unknown encounters passing by/sparks of visions wondering why/lives joined in sequence/the river meandering by/sweet and terrible waters.

Birth spring summer fall reliving/gifts supreme/singularly seen with double meaning/sun’s heavenly face moving/fresh air beyond belief/old worlds torn asunder.

Rising swells /moving sands/deadheads floating by/imagination captured by wandering seas/renewing themselves …

endlessly  … 

When Night Birds Take Morning Flight

When Night Birds Take Morning Flight

I watched night birds take night time flight.

While breezes washed ashore

I walked the line where all three meet.

Sky within dark water,

waves of moonlight,

sparkling grains of sand

reflecting light

below/above …

between each other’s sight

within their kisses

of the night …

I looked into the grounds of sweet good byes,

the thought of daylight in disguise,

my thoughts on morning’s rise,  with

each new morning’s light;

the sky that touches deep within

the sound of inland seas.

I climbed back into bed and slept again.

With speckled stars above the nighttime breeze

with moonlight showing through the leaves

I’ll sleep ‘till morning light


daylight birds

take morning

flight …


Light Stained Against A Sea of Thought


From a place where time was small with brightest light

came purest boyhood dreams

within my mind that night


with sun and single pleasure sought …

I moved from place to place …

seeking other orbits … better places to see


move and turn about

and look upon her face with

wonder …



Light stained against the sky of thought

suspended in time …

hovered over each place …

waiting to be seen.

Perfect prizes captured to be lived in



rain returning to the sky


for future retrieval.


 never ending cycles return,

the light of time


the light of days remembered and forgotten

taken in like


to a newborn child.

Thoughts that flicker in and out

like waves along the



purest water replacing every

grain of sand

forever …

takes me back


where it all


Channeled Thought


I channel my work by
sublime hide and seek/black and white or color
images, sparking in the dark,
the deep, the green of a different reality,
below the surface of reason,
one of those parallel things,
another person who is the ‘’me’’
behind the veils, a shadow

evident/at times.

I wonder if I appear as such to him
with wonder and concern or perplexity
my wonder, my complexity perplexed
by wonder; my thoughts sublimely formed with
all the numbers clustered ‘bout
swarming and changing polarities
within and without/an intricate duality
linked to some
energy force that consumes us

eventually …

lucky we are
that life is but a mirage
all numbers adding up for everything we see/everything described with such

finality … !

With four dimensions, three that we can see .. one more,
that we seek, from worlds of dark

reality …

My Single Desire To See

My single desire, to see more deeply!

Deeper sounds and color! Especially blue, purple, black night navy, the grays of afternoon light, atomic orange moon rising into night, raw gems discovered walking, sand beneath my feet each grain part of the whole extending outward into the depths.

Hidden visions within wind, unseen patterns beyond sight, woven threads  of gold, vibrations glimpsed, above one dimensional ripples on water’s surface.

To feel more deeply!

Desire creating hunger, need, passions pulling headlong gathering speed, a world behind closed eyes, spinning pleasures, sparking more light; perpetual motion feeding on itself/ourselves/themselves.

More light to see with!  Giving “more feelings” to KNOW what Love is!


To see!

Deeper sounds and colors behind the veil; soil between the blades, sand flecks, pinpoints of light mirroring stars at night, reflecting food for thought, draughts of sweet nectar to quench the thirst for knowledge.

Intoxicating ideas … creativity, sparking even more seen, than before.

More light to see?  More feelings have we!


Merged with light you’re here,

you’re there,

you’re everywhere,

free floating, flying free,

drawn into a world that

wants you as much as

you want



Driving out endless possibilities/

pictures skating over thin ice/

holes chopped through frozen reality/

broken dreams .. in the hospital/

waiting for repair


Unknown encounters passing by/

sparks of visions wondering why/

lives joined in sequence/

the river meandering by/

sweet and terrible waters …


Birth spring summer fall reliving/

gifts supreme/

singularly seen in double meaning/

sun’s heavenly face moving/

fresh air beyond belief/

worlds asunder/

rising swells /moving sands/deadheads floating by/

imagination captured by wandering sea/

renewing itself  

endlessly … 

Astounding Beauty 

I watch within my sight held brightly

the light inside my mind …


i move about the other worlds

that live and breathe inside …

to other places and times

the wind upon my face …


no need to scatter far and wide

in search of other worlds to see …

no thought of time and space …

those worlds reside inside of me,

i take them for the asking …


i use them joyfully …

 i drink them as a thirsty sponge …

while wondering about

the stars at night …

or if a man on the moon

can see my tiny light


brightly …

Life Laid Fallow the Fruit of Time Discovered


Songs of life gone by

emerging from fallow fields of time

can wash over our senses with

sudden force …

… forgotten fragments born from rolling marble colors brightly seen, once familiar faces, stored emotions that come alive …

when least expected …  


perplexed … we ask …

how could dreams of such

remembered splendor …

the driving force of passion born anew, the scent of lover’s neck recalled, first pleasure felt when senses came alive  

pass by so unseen?


some thoughts come to mind

with sad regret …

the precise moment when

playful eye’s appeal once given was

stolen from sight

by random sound come

crashing by

never to return … 

the seed that planted

could have yielded

life’s sweetest

fruit …


precious moments remembered

with sad regret are like

specks of golden pollen

drifting clear against a blue sky or

points of light seen wandering

among stars in the

darkest hours of the

night …

The Stream Within


 I thought I had slept well …

I had visions and

remembered some of them too …


 As morning wore on

I thought I had finally made contact with

the stream beneath

the frozen

ice …


 For a while I even thought I had a

fish or two on the line … !


 As morning passed I felt the

energy of the dream

bristle and slowly

sink below the surface …


once again

my line went

slack …



Thrown out shit, ridiculous, almost worthless works combined into one stupid, bullshit and not a LITTLE fricking brilliant at times; poems, incomplete thoughts and ideas .. very brief stories; all told in the most esoteric of way.

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Is There Something Wrong With Me?

 I wonder if there’s something wrong with 

me about the way i feel? … hypersensitive to 

smells, my teeth on edge with some 

unexplained sensation like they’re loose 

(what have I been doing to them!)  

A little dizzy at times but ….

That SMELL!  WHAT IS THAT?!  Does it 

follow me around or is it something my 

brain manufactures as a bi-product of the 

confusion and back drop from neighboring neural short

short circuits melting down into 

pools of unknown 


why not?!  it’s pretty esoteric so ….  who knows?

 The Mystery Behind Love Below the Surface.  


Two conflicted, to write about …

Two, searching long on simple  

ideas hidden below the surface,  beneath 

visions real

seeking union or, 

solitary visions beckoning reunion with

dreams of 

time …

long gone

past .. 

Love … it’s SO esoteric! … Part of the larger kingdom of 


The Quietude of Being Alone


I love the quietude of

being alone.

The lack of interferference from trains of thought,

my mind set free to discover new destinations;

new thought locales where visions lie in wait

for me to remember and know for

the first time …

Quietude is a great place to spend a day or two,

within a frame of mind found inside the walls of

a dwelling that’s mortgage free where

I don’t get a chance to visit

very often

Lost Dream

images copy 4

I thought I had slept well: I had

Visions and remembered some of them too.

As morning wore on I thought I had

Finally made contact with the stream beneath

The frozen ice.

For a while I even thought I had a

Fish or two on the line! ..

As morning passed I felt the

Energy of the dream

Bristle and slowly sink below the surface and

Once again my line went slack .,.