The Web of Time

We are a travelers moving along a web of time within a mist we call life. We see with light given from somewhere, outside, within, in-between, seldom seen at best, reflected. We make decisions; where to go, how to get there, what to think and feel; assuming truths, affirming movement we’re not sure of, through space mostContinue reading “The Web of Time”

Alabaster Sea

What’s it like to live on different planes between light and darkness un-seen no seasons in between? Where … Trump card mocks justice never seen the vicar of all dis-belief the blind of those deceived by wicked sights convinced of reason from the sparking light of darkest days Seen wandering through streets on darkest nights? giving thoughts to those who cannot seeContinue reading “Alabaster Sea”


We are at war. We just don’t know it. As time goes on, the clash between both sides of what is being called ‘the great divide’ will deepen causing great turmoil. Chaos will emerge after an event or series of horrifying events occur. The internet could crash. Schools may be attacked. Lies will be told,Continue reading “War”

Journey Home

    At the end of the road I turned and faced the wind. Flying dirt or bits of snow piled about in patches stung my face.  Small sticks, newspapers tumbled past. What few leaves left over from Fall were being plucked and sent flying over empty farmers’ fields like dark butterflys speeding along at breakneckContinue reading “Journey Home”

The Blue Light

Life is not the same/when absent/the Life that gives life Life. The absence is the bad … Daily works gets done/decisions are made/sometimes disharmony/fear/lack of truth/some laughter/big plans/this is what we call … The absence … The sharp knife goes dull without/the blue light that follows everywhere/the light of double vision/more light to see/more thanContinue reading “The Blue Light”

Traveling the Web of Time the Mysteries of Life Unknown

We are a travelers moving along a web of time within the mist of life, the light from somewhere given; outside, within and in-between seldom seen …  at best, reflected. We make decisions, where to go, how to get there, what to think and feel, assuming truths affirming movement we’re not sure of, through space most often blindly. LifeContinue reading “Traveling the Web of Time the Mysteries of Life Unknown”

Where Love Is All There Is to See

Sunlight peeks through trees shadows of hearts and leaves dawn’s light exploding gives birth to morning breeze love calls within the senses ….. we see what we can and cannot see alive within the senses each day new stories, unseen awareness too close or too far away a mote of dust seen passing by planetsContinue reading “Where Love Is All There Is to See”

Astounding Beauty 

I watch within my sight held brightly the light inside my mind … ….. i move about the other worlds that live and breathe inside … to other places and times the wind upon my face … ….. no need to scatter far and wide in search of other worlds to see … no thought of time andContinue reading “Astounding Beauty “

If You Liked ‘… It All Happened That Night” You’ll Love This ….. London Broil

They had meat for dinner almost every night … but for months he had been eating tomatoes and feta cheese for dinner even though he hated feta cheese … he couldn’t stand the taste and it made him sick … she insisted all along he become a vegetarian and she insisted he eat feta cheese even though he loved meat and potatoes … ” .. honey ,” she said, “as long as you bring home the bacon you can have whateverContinue reading “If You Liked ‘… It All Happened That Night” You’ll Love This ….. London Broil”

It All Happened That Night … A Re-post

It all started that night when I wasn’t sure what she was asking me … ! At first i thought it had something to do with skiing! Truth of the matter is … I didn’t know WHAT she was thinking but I didn’t want to say anything. I thought, that maybe we were supposed to be meeting DickContinue reading “It All Happened That Night … A Re-post”

Bright Night Revealed

It seemed that as contrast deepened i could see more clearly subtle and great beauty buried within the world around me … … and it seemed like the more beauty i saw the more distinct and easy it was to see  … ….. … so i looked more deeply and  discovered beauty trapped within degradation and loss …Continue reading “Bright Night Revealed”

Visions of Didn’t Know

There was that moment when parentage grew wings … when each gave their life so urgently exchanged for their delight … then came storms and sorrow for all the right reasons … a child their only receipt … they became like minded authors on the road of their procession watching them on the field of play the days they shared the child of their creation …Continue reading “Visions of Didn’t Know”