Strange Life Gone By

Strange Life Gone By My watch said six o’clock. I looked at the banana grove, the 50 foot pine trees at the crest of the bank, turtle’s heads above the water line, houses across the canal darkening as the gray mist of dusk descended. I looked at the full moon rising through trees across the canal.  Memories drifted into myContinue reading “Strange Life Gone By”

Space In Linear Time

I can’t remember what happened yesterday but i can tell you every detail about growing up … ….. I lived within the light, connected to flowing creek water, golden wheat fields, sour cherries, apple fights, imaginary pirate ships in the trees, races, games and laughter … ….. i moved through space devoid of time … ….. nextContinue reading “Space In Linear Time”

To Summer Boy

 I had the ultimate freedom of every boy during summers but only after work was done … so I worked every day for at least an hour before ranging freely about town from in search of other boys congregated, looking for one more player to round out an even number for a game of tackle football or …  I rodeContinue reading “To Summer Boy”

The Animal Chronicles: Crows

Crows …     It happened last spring  while walking a winding black top road in rural tennessee past rolling hills green pasture land trees with fresh new leaves bathed in magical sunlight on a quiet peaceful day the Nikon strapped under my arm around my neck … ….. WHAT HAPPENED … ?! OH … !! my encounter with THOSE NOISY  CROWS … !Continue reading “The Animal Chronicles: Crows”

Purple Words

the tapestry became  more complex and beautiful as sun’s light arched higher and higher … continued …     … returning to school i had them  walk in silence … to ponder their own individual thoughts and sensations … ….. later, with pencils, brown school paper and their visions i watched them silently write … ….. their words formed    beautiful  uncut gems some the color of  rubies or emeraldsContinue reading “Purple Words”

Purple Words

After a while they began to/glimpse the world between the/lines … pointing to things I/would never have/noticed … continued …  Five blocks from  school at a  red and yellow  blinking light we  crossed over the  road and continued walking two blocks north to a  Dairy Queen where i bought each of them a  chocolate or vanilla  cone …  …..  We ate our conesContinue reading “Purple Words”

Wheat Field Dreaming

– Wheat Field Dreaming – Two are walking, wheat field gently sways in the wind … ….. Green wheat rising, touches fertile regions … touches, rises, touches  … ….. Wheat is softened, softly bending … two lie softly softly bedded ….. Arms wrap, legs wrap slender faces blue and blue wrap in blue sky blue and blue …Continue reading “Wheat Field Dreaming”

Central Time, Bible Bread, Crows, Midday Sun, Retching Orzo, Laughter and More …..

… When I came back from the bathroom I told everyone that the nut I coughed up was the same size as the kidney stone I recently had passed. The four of them were still laughing …