Recycled Pap


It seems I’m more creative in 

many but not ALL ways …

Or always.. 

But at times more than ever 

maybe because i have 

more to draw from or 

it’s natures way of giving a little 

‘kick back’ for all the shit .. 

whoops … sorry …

whatever life is whether it’s 

made up or fate or random acts or 

we are beings manipulated by 

the forces around us with 

consciousness only an illusion; 

light reflected onto the back wall of 

some cave.

 “Cave light”

the world we live in

the world outside and

just below the surface;

light Spinning by

 for us to hold with

brief struggles to 

make the experiences into 

something we think is


And so we go stumbling down 

The hill of life trying to 

catch up with ourselves 

the light that’s spinning by 

too fast for eyes

to see.  

We mold our lives from 

stories stored inside


the ones we get from others.

We make life, story with 

beginning middle and end that won’t 

hurt us or hurt others but 

in the end


all the


Song of Christmas Past

Song of Christmas Past

I sing the songs of Christmas past
of joyful times
gone by …

the words and stories known so well
that float behind
my eyes …

I turn the pages of the book
I see within my
mind ..

I listen to the sighs; sweet songs of

Christmas memories
of time and love
gone by.


i had to pee
( … after having sat at the key board for a long time …  )
after peeing
 I decided to clean the
iron stains i saw
down there  …
I poured in ‘iron remover’ and comet …
 after flushing it looked
sparkling clean …
what the heck … !
i thought …
i’ll clean the whole toilet … !
i sprayed and
wiped it down with
chlorox cleanser …
i thought about cleaning the tub
 before realizing
ten or more minutes had passed since
going in to pee …
i’m back at the key board now …
… a strong odor of bleach in the air …
thinking i have the perfect
story to tell about being
a.d.H.D …
but I’m not sure how to tell it
without the
peeing part …
 i’ll have to give that some thought …..