Something Discovered That I Thought I Had Forgotten … For Deanne

We took turns gathering maple sap before sunrise during late winter, the world still but for my  felt lined rubber boots scrunching over frozen snow … ice with school kid’s boot indentations quick frozen slush during the brief span winter allowed spring to show itself … then back into the deep freeze … ….. iContinue reading “Something Discovered That I Thought I Had Forgotten … For Deanne”

A Day In the Life …

… i happened to pass by the laundry room on the way to the bathroom, i saw some jeans that needed to go into the dryer …  … so i put them into the dryer then i started to move the furniture back to where i wanted it … when i finished i remembered i was going to takeContinue reading “A Day In the Life …”

Reliving the Moment One More Time

She faced downward, her spine curved, one side of her face drooped … he held her hand, wiped the drool from her mouth with a white handkerchief … ….. i used to watched them two or three times a week where i ate my lunch under the covered picnic area at the city park along the PeaceContinue reading “Reliving the Moment One More Time”

Where I’ll Sleep

I want to be buried surrounded by the fields of my youth … next to other kindred souls who decided to lie in similar peace on that grassy knoll sheltered by a giant oak,  it’s limbs spread wide to shield us … it’s roots embracing our boxed homes, cradling us in our sleep … distant from the hub-bub of life … too far away for casualContinue reading “Where I’ll Sleep”