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  • Zumba My Ass Once Again?

    Zumba My Ass Once Again?

    Zumba My Ass Once again he was saddened by the thought that, “She never thinks i’m funny!“ Most of the things HE thought were funny, SHE thought were either stupid or sexually degenerate. She hated the word ‘’shit’’ which he thought was the funniest word in the English language! And she didn’t think sex was funny which he thought was even funnier […]

  • Steel Wedges/Smoke and Distant Thunder

    After a lifetime a grown man attempts to discover the secret behind his his creativity and problem solving abilities.   Were in large part because of the challenges his father put before him when he was a boy.    Riding the winds of change, through smoke and distant thunder the man returns  through the light of […]

  • Summer Tragedy II

    continued … She growled about the money all the way home as if I wasn’t there.  I stared straight ahead afraid to say a word. She was an alcoholic but as a kid I didn’t know drinking was at the heart of her crazy flares of temper. Like the time I came home while she was […]

  • Summer Tragedy

    He had an affair with the wife of a couple they had become friends with.  The tragedy that followed changed our lives forever.   It all began one summer when they started partying almost every Saturday or Sunday with four other couples on the grass next to Jim and June’s house.    We roamed around […]

  • London Broil – Redux – Part III

    continued … when he doubled over she called him a doofey unemployed jake ass ….. he laughed to himself …  ”what the hell is a ‘jake ass … ?”  continued … ….. most nights after cleaning the kitchen he joined her in the t.v. room even though he hated that goddamned western channel … ….. he usually curled up with a book by his favorite author louis l’amor … ….. that one night she […]


    … he might not have been quite so cavalier in the first place …