Inner World

Inner World

Four square tiles, wandering spaces, shapes of faces, coffee groups of three and five talking heads saying


A lonely person sits and dreams her lonely dreams outside the world inside her.

Couples grasping meaning wrapped ‘round shoulders in stages of adulation, their voices echo hands held in wonder, eyes roused with affection, drawn to secret dreams, the face of life’s intent.

While store front neon lights
surrender to

the cause …

They Have Paid; They Are ‘Us’

A man who by his actions

does not care about the citizenry of

our country … got me


as I do …

the amount of

taxes paid by the 700,000 during their


jobs well done and

voluntary support and building of

communities and passing on

the best qualities …  that the 700,000 have given to

the land … they have

paid their fair share they have

given their all to the country as have we all

no different them from

We … or even “He”

and those he’s captured

the minority among us.

.  They deserve better these 700,000 are

the people who make us great for

who we are THEY are

the results of our great quest for humankind’s best

 how could we turn them


It’s the 700,000 who are the heroes in this

sad story given

the torch to carry forth

the dream that all brave migrants have

from families come before us

who paid their way with suffering

no different from you or I

they ARE


high school football stars and

valedictorians they’ve

given their lives for the land

they have sacrificed to defend the land!

They deserve detention?

Forced migration?

THEY are the ones who shape my dreams for

the future as were

the  dreams of our fathers and their fathers before

who shaped ours;  individuals created EQUAL

by “self evidence” as stated in the declaration of our freedoms.

The threat NEVER so great as now

by so low and vile a personage more

beast on prowl than gentle man’s gentleman.

From WITHIN he comes to steal thought and

high ideals from those alive

the right to be

all things

that they can



aims to destroy, to besmirch, to undo

the greatest human experiment in mankind’s


With defication on our ideals

defaming those intentions of the

fathers,  he would

destroy, he would

take away the benefit of our

beliefs, the belief of freedom and democracy

stolen by their colusion, two

of the hungry beasts their

greedy talons seeking blood

given power by those who are

eslaved by doctrine

and blind belief.


There Was His Face


There was his face …

A mixture of youthful mirth, his right eyebrow a calligraphy flare at the end of a sentence, his mouth twisted into a half smile, his head cocked to the side, mischeviousness written all over the place.  A question mark at the end of his eyes that said, you don’t know what I’m thinking do you?

When he looked at her his eyes lost expression.  He looked into her.  He saw the color and its dark circle corona and the black pool he looked into.

She stared back .  Her benign smile said, What’s on your mind?”  

Waiting …..

Tell me about your excellent day?

“I spoke softly and the vibrations went into people and made them feel good.”


“There were plenty of smiles and laughter.  It felt like I was spreading something around.  It seemed like people were flowers that hadn’t had water in a week.  I gave them a drink of Miracle Grow and they perked up for a bit… took in a little more sunshine.   It seems strange that I can pass all this positivity around but i can’t spread it to myself.  Fear still lurks. Fear can pounce without warning.  A crystal vase that  can fall and shatter in a heart beat.”

 I know his states of mind the way he thinks … his moods,  both bright AND dark but I only see his light.   Only HE  knows and sees the dark.  

Waiting …..

So you were fearful a lot of the time?  

“Fear!!… that common concoction that mixes so well with just about any situation?”

You have nothing to fear.  This I’ve never understood. 

“My feelings?  My thoughts are a river that carries a river boat.  The boat is my physical self.  It and I float along on the feelings that are beneath. They are the feelings I have at that moment  …….. But, no matter what you think … you know it’s bigger … It’s the river and then … well you know.  There’s so much more.  The river is a constant force … a powerful force.  But there are forces that control the river!


And, when you have a day like today what’s it like?  

“The guys in the engine room had that engine running smooth.  The fuel injectors were working perfectly.  I was at the helm of the ship.  I took it to different places and I was in complete control although, I only thought I was.  The engine was still in control  but the river controlled the engine …. still … everything ran smooth for a change.  Even the boat thought it was  in control but it wasn’t.  But, it was so great!  I steered into little coves and inlets.  I explored little communities along this journey.”

“I can stop for a while, and even get out of myself.  You know … get out of the boat … for a change.”

Waiting .,…. Thinking …..

“That’s when I can stand back … apart from  me ‘ME’ …  I SEE the world …. not ‘ME’  … for what it is. That damn ”Me” … it’s always getting in the way of things … .”

“I can watch the river flow by and I understand it better.  I see logs out there on swirly sub currents.  Murky water, whirlpools for crying out loud!  I don’t even want to go there!”

“I don’t know where the source of that fucking river is.  I ask myself, what is the source of that raging river?  A little stream like the mighty Mississippi?  Or, does it bubble to the surface of the earth from some dark, black place within the planet?  Maybe was born in that black place and bubbled up with the black water … ?

Waiting … Smiling ….

“… Although, there are times most often when the river is clear and runs smooth and it’s a pleasure to coast along at a slow enough pace that the world looks beautiful and you have time to see it as a wonderful montage ….. .”