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  • The Agony and the Ecstasy III

      Wondering About the Glory  One day during the golden hour at the end of the day mulling things over while feeding bread to the turtles I wondered, what will it be like to simply keep the gates open and let the water flow when the bladder wants it to flow all natural like?   In […]

  • Ghost Trees Wailing At the Wind

      A picture couldn’t do justice to Arctic wind’s ferocity blowing across the great lake thirty or forty m.p.h. white caps rushing toward shore water, trees, sand and leaves … combined Shhsssshing relentlessly, my hoody inflated into a reverse parachute pushing my head and body backward. Dots of rain prick my face the occasional snow […]

  • Nature’s Life

    She looked with cold indifference  at His efforts to teach us  the connection between our lives and nature. Bridge parties, the daily routines of life and of course  her afternoon naps, were the essential components of Her life. He gave us the freedom to explore the sandy beaches,  the dunes, trout streams and  The Great Lake […]

  • They Call It Turtle Cove

    ..  They Call It Turtle Cove .. What I’ve been doing? I’ve been working on my dock  terracing slopeland for boxed steps made from two by fours carved and set into canal soil with aloe plants showcased ’round  boxed, steps, leading down to  shoreline dock I built  at water’s edge where looking into  canal water   through water’s window […]

  • The Crane Continues IV

    The Verdict  continued ….. I hate them for saying that.  Who are they to decide whether another living thing should live or die?   They look at each other then back at me.  Without saying a word I know the verdict.  I look at the crane, its head feathers tousled by an on shore breeze […]

  • Constructing the Crane: It’s Alive, It Has Awareness!

    continued ….. its wings, so large that they stretch the length of its entire body from its breastbone to the shorter thin feathers on the backside, it’s feathers lying next to each other, slightly overlapped when not in use, like a tightly louvered fan pointing downward while standing. In Flight I picture its wings in flight […]

  • Constructing the Crane

    A Story About A Boy and His Pet Crane  The Crane: Prologue  They said the crane was too sick to live!  They insisted it would poke out my eye.   This was adult thinking at its worst!  The kind of overly cautious bullshit thought that leads to really stupid decisions.   I hated them for using untrue […]

  • For tribalmysticstories: A Tribal Mystic Story; Poem For My Father

    For tribalmysticstories: A Tribal Mystic Story; Poem For My Father

    – Poem For My Father – One day he took me to a copse of trees  where we sat under a canopy of  newly formed leaves   above us a clear blue sky  where he gave perspectives to me different from anything I had  learned.   Thoughts from the other side of what we think we know. […]

  • Three Musets

    Three Musets

    Three Quarter Seasons spring time trees grow green leaves new life bright sun great days to swim much fun ! snow days light wings falling skies gray Winter’s Warmth great lake frozen water skating fire warm skaters gathered popcorn! days end hands held walking best friends Trout Stream Camp cool stream flowing gently light dreams […]

  • When Daylight Birds Take Morning Flight

    When Daylight Birds Take Morning Flight

    When Daylight Birds Take Morning Flight I was up before seven I made a pot of coffee I swept the floor I listened to the radio I poured the coffee I put sugar and cream in I climbed back into bed and slept until the dawn of night. I watched the moon arch overhead from […]

  • More Lake Magic: Morphing Sparrows

    More Lake Magic: Morphing Sparrows

    I sat and watched in peaceful trance water cascade toward me, it’s white caps reaching for the shore where purest water and land meet in perfect balance. A half mile off shore men fished in the trough between shallow water colored tan and deep water blue that extended to the horizon then further where deepest knowledge lies […]

  • Nature’s Way

    Nature’s Way

      … yellow marble space/ ages past frozen time/galaxies beyond glass/sky reflecting sky/ rippling trees/ distorted splashing brightness/liquified light streaks ever moving outward … phosphflousent air born spores /clinging green algae/tepid water/ flowing acid, alkaline seas/ liquid splendor/seminal fluids coating walls evergreen …a world of wonder … ground lying flat/ pool pond Life/ changeling forms […]

  • Brown Oaks

    North wind gently sheds the remaining brown oak leaves (always the last to leave) onto the ground for squirrels delight their bedded pleasure with perfect syncronicity …

  • Outdoors Always Works For Me

      Outdoors always works for me. Lake gazing lost in time thoughts grow still cease to ‘gzist. Spellbound movement roiling calm trees and wind at play taking weight away from heavy snow.   Blowing fallen colors taking broken limbs willing partners grateful lovers always playing.   Northern breezes bring winter winds and storms/snow that swarms […]

  • Echoes

    Echoes I wish that I could live forever … in this north country where giant pines and oak trees give their leaves and needles … for the pleasure of my rake … where … the never ending blend of sand, sky and great lake water … sooth the gray tides of my mind … where […]

  • Wind

    Wind rolls water upon itself vibrating colors darker gray. Swarming ovals riding over surface glass ripple and recoil, absorb, push aside, reflect the wind above its moving footprint cross sectioned momentarily for us to see …

  • Toknow

    … To know the how and why and when of it all .. The distinct impression that when something was seen/it held you speechless for the longest time/you couldn’t look away/you couldn’t get enough/you wanted more and more/the mystique was there/but you couldn’t put a name to it/you were so young/you didn’t have the words/emotion drove […]

  • With Thanks To Emily Dickinson

      I told you yesterday that spring had sprung – and i knew because – i saw a fly and a bull ant on the floor by the fireplace – and a tickling on my arm as i wrote this piece – not fifteen minutes ago – a tiny spider had invaded my space. There were gnats […]

  • The Crane II

    When I heard her frenzied barking I thought that maybe she had cornered a raccoon or skunk. A giant water crane its head above the cattails, stood in the shallow water at the bottom of the swale probably hunting for frogs when the dog made her discovery. The dog continued to bark while circling the crane occasionally pausing […]

  • Buds of Dew

    Butterfly’s wing leaves pollen with buds of dew wrapped in crystal drops. They fall to earth absorbed within themselves  ….

  • The Golden Age of America: One Decade of Time?

    Wide spread drug use did not exist until ’65 – ’66.  The downhill slide started with the Kennedy assassination.  Then, Martin Luther King and later Robert Kennedy was killed.  continued …  Viet Nam ratcheted up at the same time.  Every town had someone who was killed.  Four guys from my graduating class were killed. There […]

  • The Golden Age of America. One Decade of Time?

    Recently i had a conversation with a blogger who commented on my piece: “When We Were Young.” https://deanneworld.wordpress.com After a couple of exchanges she asked me, ‘’What does 1950s childhood mean to you?”  in reference to the subtitle of my blog, before I removed it,  ’’Poems and Short Stories About the Golden Age of America.’’ […]

  • The Soft Brown Fawn Aurora

    The Brown Fawn Aurora … I see the soft brown fawn aurora as white sky  draws light ‘round curved shoulders that  taper, long neck framed by natures  green reflected into shadow curve of  small indentations ‘round hard defining  bone.  … … Within the outline drawing  white and green, two  curvatures soft and serene look  down […]

  • Ex-It IV

    A voice inside my mind asked me if I want to go …  I said, “Yes.” … the sled gathered speed as it fell further down the endless incline … …  a limitless numbers of doors stretched before me … … i realized the doors were TIME … each door was a thousand or ten thousand years of time … … […]

  • Fire In the Sky, Nuclear Moon, Space and Time: from Summer Light Grown Full … Daytime Light Darkness Infinity

    Fire In The Sky … … somewhere in the distance rises up fire, a gentle reminder, the slow burn .. light extinguishing or coming alive or just another day gone by .. we scratch or heads in wonder but we’ll never know the reason for all that is shown … fire burning toward light or slowly extinguished it’s all the same […]

  • Ice Shanty Moon: from, Night Ice Shades Varying Mood Intensity Daytime Light Darkness Infinity

    Ice Shanty … … habitats of hidden light life within, stark, unknown behind darkness, beyond, within worlds of living beauty, on the edge between the cracks of two worlds layered; liquid state, static ice, sustaining worlds between, open portal into the dark beyond, where light lies waiting to expand … Moon … the Moon full and round and yellow […]

  • Green Luminescent Mystery/River of Ice from Night Ice Shades Varying Mood Day Time Light …

    Green Luminescent Mystery … … the world behind a veil of unseen mystery, another dimension beyond our fingertips, below the surface of our eyes, the glow of life born of plant and sun, left over light noise from sun’s creation, the big bang of the plant world, creation below the iceberg tip of living green, giving breath to life … green luminescent luminosity … our dearest friend […]

  • Raindrops … From Ice Shades Varying Mood …….

    Raindrops … sit you straight with drama, natures love, each drop giving back to itself that from which it came, where it was born then lifted to cloud formations, set free to roam through air and space combined not liquid or solid gathering energy, coalescing, mingling as one, feeding all that lives … living water …! […]

  • Summer Light Grown Full … Taken From: Night Ice Shades Varying Mood Intensity Daytime Light Darkness Infinity

    … Daylight splendor a rainbow of earth tones liberating depths of secrets for us to dwell on, shallow water then deeper and deeper secrets revealed, subtle vibrations of light mingle then bear witness to themselves … defined … set free for short spans of beauty … time between the cold of night seasons … alive with clarity giving sight … ….. make no mistake […]

  • Night, Ice Shades, Varying Mood Intensity, Daytime Light, Darkness, Infinity, Season’s Glow

    Night … … the Moon full and round and yellow and white … ever changing placid … a constant being in our world  of complexity … slim or full of itself, a portal of mysterious content giving inspiration … an astral thing we depend on … an unblinking eye once mysterious … a living being with a face of astral […]

  • The Gray of Darkest Night

    I sat and watched in peaceful trance water cascade toward me, it’s white caps reaching for the shore where purest water and land met in perfect balance. … A half mile off shore men fished in the trough between shallow water colored tan and deep water blue that extended to the horizon then further where deepest knowledge […]

  • Life … Knowledge …

    This is one of my favorite pieces I’d like to share with my new readers … and re-share with those who have been so faithful and tolerant of me for some time now …  with gratitude for all your kind thoughts and actions … ks  One day He took us to a copse of trees […]

  • Lake Magic

    Sights alive below ancient remembrance buried deeply inside magnificent  powerful worlds, nature’s seductive passion  raw brilliance  inspire irresistible forces …  enticing night waves calm water cold lapping kisses soft and sweet  kiss after kiss after kiss …  beckon shoreline movement, quickly  rising passion …  pounding insistent unseen forces stir wind and shore, glacial cold storm’s passionate heaving motion …  beneath magnificent visions thought bearing forms, divine, combined whole and […]

  • The Animal Chronicles: Crows

    Crows …     It happened last spring  while walking a winding black top road in rural tennessee past rolling hills green pasture land trees with fresh new leaves bathed in magical sunlight on a quiet peaceful day the Nikon strapped under my arm around my neck … ….. WHAT HAPPENED … ?! OH … !! my encounter with THOSE NOISY  CROWS … ! […]

  • He Gave Us the Freedom to Explore

    ….. we absorbed the world stripped of convenience pondering without words the timeless mystery surrounding us …a world of liberation …

  • The Gray of Darkest Night

    where deepest knowledge lies hidden beyond the fog that blurs the boundary between time and space …