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  • Ghost Trees Wailing At the Wind

      A picture couldn’t do justice to Arctic wind’s ferocity blowing across the great lake thirty or forty m.p.h. white caps rushing toward shore water, trees, sand and leaves … combined Shhsssshing relentlessly, my hoody inflated into a reverse parachute pushing my head and body backward. Dots of rain prick my face the occasional snow […]

  • Nature’s Life

    She looked with cold indifference  at His efforts to teach us  the connection between our lives and nature. Bridge parties, the daily routines of life and of course  her afternoon naps, were the essential components of Her life. He gave us the freedom to explore the sandy beaches,  the dunes, trout streams and  The Great Lake […]

  • Crane’s Obit

    continued … At precisely the same moment the explosion rocks my world I witness the most amazing sight I’ve  ever seen.   Inanimate  I need to look more closely at the bird to satisfy my curiosity about what I had seen or, not seen. I walk toward the mound of gray feathers where the bird […]

  • The Crane Continues IV

    The Verdict  continued ….. I hate them for saying that.  Who are they to decide whether another living thing should live or die?   They look at each other then back at me.  Without saying a word I know the verdict.  I look at the crane, its head feathers tousled by an on shore breeze […]

  • The Crane Part III

    Lowering the Crane  I lower the big crane onto the sand in the open field across from the cottage.  The instant its feet touch the ground its head drops back into the S position. Before running around to the back, I stop and look into its eye one more time.  I see no flicker of […]

  • Constructing the Crane

    A Story About A Boy and His Pet Crane  The Crane: Prologue  They said the crane was too sick to live!  They insisted it would poke out my eye.   This was adult thinking at its worst!  The kind of overly cautious bullshit thought that leads to really stupid decisions.   I hated them for using untrue […]

  • Ultimate Rot

    Ultimate Rot

    A picture couldn’t do justice to   Arctic wind’s ferocity  blowing across the  great lake thirty or forty m.p.h.  white caps rushing toward shore  water, trees, sand and leaves …  combined  Shhsssshing relentlessly, my hoody inflated into  a reverse parachute  pushing my head and  body backward. Dots of rain prick my face  the occasional  snow […]

  • Voyage South

    Voyage South

    After the Departure; The Road South And so the voyage goes … Uneventful miles rolled beneath the balding tires of The Explorer … along the Huron coastline over the Zilwaukee Bridge past Fisher Body in Flint a skeleton of what it used to be when time was ‘LIGHT’ where i used to be when all […]

  • More Lake Magic: Morphing Sparrows

    More Lake Magic: Morphing Sparrows

    I sat and watched in peaceful trance water cascade toward me, it’s white caps reaching for the shore where purest water and land meet in perfect balance. A half mile off shore men fished in the trough between shallow water colored tan and deep water blue that extended to the horizon then further where deepest knowledge lies […]

  • I Know … It Knows … I Love … Her So …

    I Know … It Knows … I Love … Her So …

    Pretty soon  i’ll be flyin’ the big bird to the northern climes, hitting the ‘motor city’ around eight to ride with the Explorer … Three hours later i’ll be on the sunrise side in big pine country watchin’ the sun rise up orangery/red shining’ low over big lake water; glaciers child/pure and fresh above the eastern plane […]

  • Crane’s End …

    continued …  The explosion almost knocked me off the bench. At the precise moment the explosion rocked me i saw one of the most amazing things i had ever seen in my life …  The only way to describe it .. the bird disappeared! One moment it stood with its feathers ruffled, the next it […]

  • The Crane: Final Moments

    I followed Jake to his house.  I sat on a bench facing the bird half way between where I sat and the lake.  I hoped his neck was long enough to see the lake. I thought back.  I wondered if the bird was aware of my presence down in  the swale when we stared into each others […]

  • The Crane; The Jury Has Reached A Verdict

      Halfway to the front, I looked over my shoulder where she stood motionless, her mouth open. continued … I touched the feathers behind the curve of its neck.  It opened its eyes while slowly unfurling its long neck. I looked up, watching its head turn left, right then straight ahead while still standing  motionless. My mom stood next to me, speechless.  […]

  • The Cottage/The Crane/Her Mouth Dropped Open

    continued … I heard passing cars, horns honk,  people making stupid comments or asking questions.  I stayed focused on the black top moving toward the cottage.  I lowered the big crane onto the sand in the open field, facing the cottage.  The instant its feet touched the ground its head dropped into the S position. Before running around […]

  • The Cottage

    A sandy path wide enough for one car, passes the front of the cottage, rises to the top of a sand dune then drops thirty feet to the shoreline of Lake Huron a fresh water sea, the third largest of the five great lakes that surround Michigan, part of the Great Lakes Basin holding 20% of all the fresh water in […]

  • The Amphibian

    Occasionally  “The Amphibian” rose out of the water at our beach climbed up the dune then along the sandy lane in front of the cottage. If we were lucky we got to see it lumbering past dripping water, it’s propellers still spinning,  balanced on six huge tires taller than me, three on each side in the middle,  […]

  • Renewal

    Driving out endless possibilities/ pictures skating over thin ice/ holes chopped through frozen reality/ broken dreams .. in the hospital/ waiting for repair ….. Unknown encounters passing by/ sparks of visions wondering why/ lives joined in sequence/ the river meandering by/ sweet and terrible waters … .,….  Birth spring summer fall reliving/ gifts supreme/ singularly seen […]

  • Alabaster Dreams

    Alabaster Dreams

    Alabaster Dreams The moon appeared, round and yellow bright then dimly lit behind cloud formations, drifting slowly north along the shoreline with Great Lake’s whisper. ….. When lights strung high behind the trees across the road moved I realized a ship was docked and waiting for another load of alabaster taken from the ground up here somewhere […]

  • The Eternal Mystery: 10/01/15

    Great Lake pounds the shoreline with fury. More power than i’ve witnessed before. Extraordinary the only word to describe it. —————————– The rushing sound of an infinite number of wavelets white lines, broken swales far out, a mile or more that I see stretching parallel below the horizon line static electricity, water’s upheaval crackling along it’s edge. ———————— […]

  • Voyage to Marquette ….. The End

    The white tail of the gutted deer on the roof of the car I’d been riding in slowly receded into the distance toward Swartz Creek,  just outside of Flint (where the guys from the band Grand Funk Railroad lived), leaving me standing on I-69 waiting for a ride home,  around 25 miles away. It didn’t […]

  • Journey to Marquette VIII

    By eight o’clock after more back slapping and laughter I said my goodbyes and was back on the road headed south toward Saginaw and with any luck, home before nightfall … continued   A lot of cars passed by heading north; men wearing bow ties women with their pill box hats,  kids in the back seat heading into town I […]

  • Journey to Marquette VII


  • Journey to Marquette VI

    … giving control of the shipping lanes between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan to whoever occupied it during the Revolutionary War, when the sound of the the ferry’s powerful engines surged in reverse waking me from my dreams.  continued …  It was an exhausting day of hitching the 165 miles from Mackinaw City down the  Lake Huron […]

  • Voyage to Marquette V

    … I grabbed my pack and bag, walked two blocks,  stuck out my thumb on M-23 heading south toward to St. Ignace to begin my journey home … continued  I caught a quick ride from some guy with a crazy look in his eyes wanting to know the top end speed of his GTO with the new […]

  • Journey to Marquette IV

    … seized by some insane impulse,  stole a girly magazine (i think it was called Stag) from a rack just inside the front door of a corner drug store after paying a nickel for a pack of Juicy Fruit gum.  continued … The pharmacist came outside staring at me knowing something wasn’t quite right. Acting as nonchalantly as possible […]

  • Journey to Marquette III

    … I thought he’d welcome me into his home with open arms.  I was wrong … continued …  After pleasantries and an uncomfortable silence, he asked if I wanted a glass of lemonade. We sat on the front steps reminiscing  about the time we played football against Fenton winning that game in the last fifteen seconds and the […]

  • Journey to Marquette II

      … listened to WBZ out of Boston on my little transistor radio, stared through the elm leaves at the stars while sipping a YooHoo,  falling asleep around 9:30.  continued …   Rides were good the next morning.  Mostly families with kids in Chevy Nomads heading north to Traverse City or Tawas to see the Fall colors and swim […]

  • Who Cares What Reality Is When Its Domain Is Never Clear … ?

    … I walked north along the  Great Lake shoreline …  grey rain fell across my sight great lake’s water breathing slow and steady to my right a world of night caps dimly lighted moving toward the night … ….. Where raindrops fell .. pin pricks of water rose upon return … the   children of the rain … each drop to take its place within […]

  • A Day In The Life IV

    continued …. some barn shots to put in the barn file …then i said … fuck … i’ve got to take a shower and get the hell out of here …  … so finally i took a shower … and got dressed … i wanted to go out but i looked at that sunburst mirror, remembered i hadn’t taken the measurements then i looked […]

  • A Day In the Life III

    continued  … i grabbed the shop vac went into the bathroom and and sucked it up … continuing … while i was sucking i noticed how lousy the baseboards looked so i decided i’d tape them off and paint them … BUT NOT TODAY .. i just wanted to make note of it … … AND  … that i […]

  • A Day In the Life …

    … i happened to pass by the laundry room on the way to the bathroom, i saw some jeans that needed to go into the dryer …  … so i put them into the dryer then i started to move the furniture back to where i wanted it … when i finished i remembered i was going to take […]

  • A Day In the Life

    continued … i figured i’d do something useful for a change …  so i made plans for the tub job, visualizing all my moves, writing problems down  that i had the solutions for. it felt good that  i had taken the time to go in there and plan the job since there were problems i never would have imagined if i […]

  • Lake Dreams

    When i was was a boy I spent summers along the northern shoreline of Michigan on a point of land wrapped around a fresh water bay … where I had the freedom to roam the sandy beaches camp out among the dunes explore the pine woods  or search through cat tails in tannin colored ponds […]

  • So I Told Little Monster Girl

    i told Little Monster Girl i said … i’m gonna be flyin’ with the big bird to the northern climes, hitting’ the ‘motor city’ around eight to pick up the explorer … ….. within three hours i’ll be in big pine country on the sunrise side watchin’ the sun pop up over big Huron water above the eastern […]

  • The Best Marshmallow … III

    … I had never roasted a marshmallow before.  I didn’t think they looked that great because they were on fire and black but I thought .,.. why not.    So one of the guys stuck a marshmallow on the end of one of those forked prongs and handed it to me …  continued …  So while everyone watched, […]

  • The First Marshmallow

    One evening just after sunset I saw a fire at the beach house to cottages  to mine. I went over to watch the people … two boys, a teen aged sister and their  parents …  who were standing around the fire having a great time laughing and talking. They knew me so when they saw […]

  • Lake Magic

    Sights alive below ancient remembrance buried deeply inside magnificent  powerful worlds, nature’s seductive passion  raw brilliance  inspire irresistible forces …  enticing night waves calm water cold lapping kisses soft and sweet  kiss after kiss after kiss …  beckon shoreline movement, quickly  rising passion …  pounding insistent unseen forces stir wind and shore, glacial cold storm’s passionate heaving motion …  beneath magnificent visions thought bearing forms, divine, combined whole and […]

  • Echoes

    I wish that I could live forever in this north country where … ….. giant pine, oak and birch trees give leaves and needles for the pleasure of my rake where … ….. a never ending blend of sand, sky and great lake water sooth the gray tides of my mind where … ….. surrounded by […]

  • Within the Streams and Fields of Life

    … with so much sugar you could feel the grains inside your mouth before they melted …

  • Light House Keeper

    this is a photo of a plce i

  • Lighthouse Tower, Point

    Lighthouse Tower Tawas Bay Point Tawas, Michigan 12/29/13

  • The Firecracker

    … Karl focused the sunlight into a tiny white dot on the newspaper at the base of the tepee. Nick and Keith watched closely as the white smoke began to snake upward. Karl blew gently where the smoke rose when suddenly …

  • On the Docks and the Dunes

    – On the Docks and the Dunes – … at nine I ranged freely along the northern shoreline, over dunes, pine trees and scrub growth on a point of sand hooked around a fresh water bay … ….. I bought Black Jack, Beechnut, Dots and Bun Candy Bars at the marina where minnows ladled and counted from open concrete tanks […]