They Call It Turtle Cove

..  They Call It Turtle Cove .. What I’ve been doing? I’ve been working on my dock  terracing slopeland for boxed steps made from two by fours carved and set into canal soil with aloe plants showcased ’round  boxed, steps, leading down to  shoreline dock I built  at water’s edge where looking into  canal water   through water’s windowContinue reading “They Call It Turtle Cove”

Three Musets

Three Quarter Seasons spring time trees grow green leaves new life bright sun great days to swim much fun ! snow days light wings falling skies gray Winter’s Warmth great lake frozen water skating fire warm skaters gathered popcorn! days end hands held walking best friends Trout Stream Camp cool stream flowing gently light dreamsContinue reading “Three Musets”

To The Writer: Consciousness Creates Reality: From the Writer ..

From the writer Consciousness Creates Reality …  Words  From those thoughts …  to mine sparked …. ! To The Writer Separate’s disengage from crowds of disparate destruction … the lies of truth unfold … reality creates consciousness unseen … ghosts of living transposed ,,, turned around … burning without reason unyielding … unwinding theContinue reading “To The Writer: Consciousness Creates Reality: From the Writer ..”

Diary Of A Madman 2 1/2

Do you have agoraphobia sometimes? I do.  But not today.  I was in the city.  I didn’t have to be afraid of any agriculture while i was there.  Are you afraid of agriculture?? I stay inside my house for weeks at a time.  The corn field out back terrifies me.  Jeeze, I’m so sleepy. IContinue reading “Diary Of A Madman 2 1/2”