It’s Time To Get Serious

Take this seriously. I would hot be surprised if Donald Trump’s run for the presidency with his lust for power and vast resources isn’t part of a larger picture. It’s not inconceivable to me that many years ago a plan was hatched.  And that over the years the pieces of the plan have slowly beenContinue reading “It’s Time To Get Serious”

If Stupid Is Funny Then Donald Trump Is A ……….. ck!

So anyway … .  Before my doctor’s appointment I was listening to Terry Gross interview the cartoon editor from New York magazine.  When Terry asked what role embarrassment plays in humor, my ears pricked up.   His answer was a life changer! “Embarrassment is the mothers milk of humor,”  he said.  Wow! Suddenly I felt liberated.Continue reading “If Stupid Is Funny Then Donald Trump Is A ……….. ck!”