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  • Rooster Speaks/Sun Fan

    Rooster Speaks   Ashes pure as light cast off                                                                                               […]

  • The Tragedy: The Last Time I Saw Janey

    THE LAST TIME I SAW JANEY The last time I saw Janey was at a birthday party she threw for her nephew one Saturday in late fall. Here’s what happened that day and how it figures into the tragedy. Picture yourself walking across that wide front porch to the front door.  The door opens so, […]

  • The Tragedy: Lost Tapes

    The Tragedy III The Lost Tapes Seems obvious but important to note that, looking back I can say with great surety, kids don’t want change.  They want to stay as far away from change as possible.  They want to do what they are doing and they think they can do it forever because they don’t realize […]

  • The Tragedy

    The Tragedy

    The Tragedy Dragged along on their journey of repentance after the tragedy not kicking and screaming but depressed about losing life long friends to a new world, we ricocheted through time and space to the four corners then home again to where it all began before, hoping to put pieces back together that would never […]

  • Second Birth

    Second Birth

      See the angry acts of many rich too proud to bond with mother earth their caskets bulge with stolen goods, no thought to share their riches with generosity given freely their greedy souls never searching their habits deadened, never knowing thoughts worth thinking. Some people care within demise their envy keeps them living their thoughts […]

  • I Was Just the Postman

    I Was Just the Postman

    midcenturyman February 17, 2018 at 11:29 pm Edit   A comment I wrote about the poem titled, “When I Was Born.” This is one of my favorite pieces not just because it describes what childbirth might be like but, I think it’s beautifully written.  I like how it flows and trips along with cadence and […]

  • Sleep/Dream/Night/Birth/Reason/Season


    Sleep is the microcosm of hibernation is the microcosm of death a another voyage through the world of dreams a chance for rebirth every night with every season … every season every life, another birth …

  • To The Writer: Consciousness Creates Reality: From the Writer ..

    To The Writer: Consciousness Creates Reality: From the Writer ..

    From the writer Consciousness Creates Reality …  Words  From those thoughts …  to mine sparked …. ! https://consciousnesscreatesreality.wordpress.com/kontakter/ To The Writer Separate’s disengage from crowds of disparate destruction … the lies of truth unfold … reality creates consciousness unseen … ghosts of living transposed ,,, turned around … burning without reason unyielding … unwinding the […]

  • Death Chamber

    Death Chamber

    There are rooms of underground form ….. Chambers where people die, stripped bare of their integrity: sterile places in deathly colors cold and dead walls, crucifixes through windows of time, life sucked dry, taken from the lives of innocents, poor victims of authorities accord, put to death in various ways; hung high or shocked in […]

  • The Last Time I Saw June

    The last time I saw June was at a birthday party she threw for her nephew at their big old house one Saturday in late fall. I’ll tell you what the inside of their house looked like because it plays a role in the tragedy. Through the front door darkly colored stairs lead to a landing then […]

  • Life In the Fast Lane

    … When school started in the fall, I started riding down to Toledo Ohio a couple of times a week with a carload of guys to get drunk at a bar called the FA-BA. The camaraderie of being part of a drinking gang was a lot better than what I felt on the football team so […]

  • On: The Death/Liberation

    … there are rooms of underground form ….. chambers where people die, stripped bare of their integrity: sterile places in deathly colors cold and dead walls, crucifixes through windows of time, life sucked dry, taken from the lives of innocents, poor victims of authorities accord, put to death in various ways; hung high or shocked in retribution, drugged into oblivion, […]

  • Night Of Pain

    Night of Pain Watching from outside the tap and spill/lights that bring/dawn to tell/early nightime/what is real. Night birds railing ‘gainst the falling sky/take flight from blue to lesser light/into deeper shades /to black of darkest night. With full moon rising not in sight comes, night of pain.

  • Kathy and Derek: The Possibility of Road Rage

    Suddenly I realized I was alone standing in the middle of the left lane, the Mustang running with the door open. I knew that the drivers behind Kathy and Derek were oblivious of the circumstances anxious to move past the Stop sign to continue along their well worn paths.   Like …  even if they […]

  • Be Forworned! Urine Mixed With Chlorine Is An Explosive Mixture! (did I spell that right?)

    Hello! Hi! It’s me! I’m urinating in the pool right now.  They say it keeps you from getting athlete’s feet.  BUT, used with chlorine it can be explosive! So, I gotta be really careful! I don’t know the difference yet but I’m studying really hard.  Ummmmmm … Wull … back during football the coach would draw a […]

  • The Rotting Flesh of Inevitability

    That night before falling asleep I made a deal with myself. Either fix the damn washing machine or die. Wull, death can be a powerful incentive! Next morning another beautiful day dawned clear and blue and cold, a degree or so above freezing. Icicles dripping were always a sign of good luck for me. I […]

  • Crane’s End …

    continued …  The explosion almost knocked me off the bench. At the precise moment the explosion rocked me i saw one of the most amazing things i had ever seen in my life …  The only way to describe it .. the bird disappeared! One moment it stood with its feathers ruffled, the next it […]

  • The Crane: Final Moments

    I followed Jake to his house.  I sat on a bench facing the bird half way between where I sat and the lake.  I hoped his neck was long enough to see the lake. I thought back.  I wondered if the bird was aware of my presence down in  the swale when we stared into each others […]

  • The Crane; The Jury Has Reached A Verdict

      Halfway to the front, I looked over my shoulder where she stood motionless, her mouth open. continued … I touched the feathers behind the curve of its neck.  It opened its eyes while slowly unfurling its long neck. I looked up, watching its head turn left, right then straight ahead while still standing  motionless. My mom stood next to me, speechless.  […]

  • The Cottage/The Crane/Her Mouth Dropped Open

    continued … I heard passing cars, horns honk,  people making stupid comments or asking questions.  I stayed focused on the black top moving toward the cottage.  I lowered the big crane onto the sand in the open field, facing the cottage.  The instant its feet touched the ground its head dropped into the S position. Before running around […]

  • The Crane III: Revisited

    … that it would … rise up and up effortlessly higher and higher flying free over clouds of air; wind clouds they can see that we earth bound beings could never even imagine.  I moved slowly, cautiously until we stood motionless next to each other.  I sensed a strangeness about its lack of movement, as if it was in a […]

  • The Crane

    The crane had become a living, conscious being to me.  A friend I felt I had made a connection with.   But, it didn’t matter what I said.  They insisted the bird could have blinded me with its needle pointed beak!   Then they said it was too sick to live!  Baloney! I hated the excuses  they tried to […]

  • Fall Tragedy: The Lost Tapes

     …..  I didn’t want to try and fit the slapping incident or the  into my normal routines, the sense of security that all kids need.    *** Kids don’t want change.  They fear change when it’s even a little close to their radar.  They depend on stability to keep the vicissitudes of life at bay […]

  • Tragedy: The Final Fall

    After cake,  we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted.  We could stay inside and play games or go outside and run around getting grass stains on our pants. I stayed inside exploring the house. The big yellow kitchen with the old fashioned faucets, the window above the sink looking out to the grassy area where […]

  • Fall Tragedy Jim and June

    continued … Jim was the perfect foil for June.  Her opposite in many ways he softened the antics of her sometimes over the top humor with quiet acceptance. She often turned to him at the height of her freneticism.  Her arm around his waist, she’d tip her head back for the kiss of acceptance he […]

  • Tragedy Fall

    continued … Jim and June June and Jim lived in one of those two story mission style houses built during the thirties, three dormer windows on the second floor facing the street seven or eight steps up to the front porch, past a tapered column supporting the wide porch ceiling another 15 feet to the […]

  • Where I’ll Sleep

    I want to be buried surrounded by the fields of my youth next to other kindred souls who decided to lie in similar peace on that grassy knoll, sheltered by a giant oak it’s limbs spread wide to shield us, it’s roots embracing our boxed homes cradling us in our sleep, distant from the hub-bub of life, too […]

  • Grand Canyon Phil

    Lynn started having severe headaches a year and a half after marrying Phil who considered himself a libertarian pledged to be a pain in the ass to every person he met. One summer they were on vacation at the Grand Canyon riding donkeys down a trail along the wall of the canyon around 200 feet above the Rio Grande. […]

  • Diary Of A Madman 2 1/2

    Do you have agoraphobia sometimes? I do.  But not today.  I was in the city.  I didn’t have to be afraid of any agriculture while i was there.  Are you afraid of agriculture?? I stay inside my house for weeks at a time.  The corn field out back terrifies me.  Jeeze, I’m so sleepy. I […]

  • A


  • Within the Fractures Of His Mind

    after death consumed Her his needs festered and grew to phantasmagorical proportions …continued … Desperate to satisfy his need  he stole Time from his landlady … ….. he milked it from the telephone during her numerous but brief, trips away … ….. of course she discovered his deception … ….. he hid behind his deceit but it’s easy to see lies […]

  • The Saddest Poem

    no words to express … thoughts too steep to climb to see the world and all its space … to know the truth to find that place .. of course it’s always there and always it will be … the problem .. how to find it on a rainy cold day like today … the […]

  • Ex-It II

    ” … an exploding star repelling me outward into the nothingness of space where i would exist into eternity …. why, why, WHY, i asked myself … !!!” continued … ….  i felt the blackness leaking through the space around my eyes a roiling mixture of molecular sized particles working their way along the space between gray matter and the hard bone of my […]

  • Ex – It

    ….. at once ….. i was seized by an angry black whirlwind that battered my face with dust, dirt and shards of stone … …. a vortex of emotions churned and spun within me … fear, panic, hopelessness, wonder, curiosity, anger …  rage, pain  ….. utter confusion … despair … ! ….. what was happening … ! ….. why was this happening to me ?? […]

  • Where I’ll Sleep

    I want to be buried surrounded by the fields of my youth … next to other kindred souls who decided to lie in similar peace on that grassy knoll sheltered by a giant oak,  it’s limbs spread wide to shield us … it’s roots embracing our boxed homes, cradling us in our sleep … distant from the hub-bub of life … too far away for casual […]

  • Facing the Beast Within

    He walked onto the field and  stood alone … to face death and tame the rage within … a sacrifice to end  the burden of his fury and  fear … ….. the death he faced was a living death  defined within the limits of fur and teeth, claw,  muscle and sinew … the ancient knowledge of strength, […]

  • The Animal Chronicals: R.I.P. THE RAT WITH THE BIG TESTICLES

    … so we got another rat …the brown one from the psych lab i told you about …the one with the huge testacles … but i can’t remember what it’s name was …  We were eating ice cream bars inside the screened in porch shortly after a baseball sized clod of dirt had exploded on my brother’s forehead … … roughly […]

  • Within the Fractures of His Mind

    after death consumed Her his needs festered and grew to phantasmagorical proportions …continued … Desperate to satisfy his need  he stole Time from his landlady … ….. he milked it from the telephone during her numerous but brief, trips away … ….. of course she discovered his deception … ….. he hid behind his deceit but it’s easy to see […]

  • Ancient Words Lies and Broken Dreams Heaven and Hell the Bloodseed of Folly

    Ancient stories tell of murder … blind faith sacrificed … the lie of of heaven and hell each rung up the ladder of broken dreams and hearts and souls (if we have them) …  trampled and ripped  by troops sowing endless fields of blood seed left behind to grow like weeds invasive … ….. if ” …we all die […]

  • Yin/Yang

    … Great beauty lies hidden within the darkest night …

  • Another You Know … Death!

    my neck cracked when i stopped falling … barely touching the ground … two inches more and i’d be dead …

  • You Know …. Death!

    You know … DEATH … ! Death and i have brushed  shoulders many  times in my Life …   for example … ….. One day i found a loaded deer rifle at  home in the  closet down  stairs:  but, i didn’t know it was  loaded … !! …..  i pulled the cocking  lever back and  forward like the Rifleman […]

  • Winter’s Sign

    I see toothless faces desperate not to smile or laugh, the gray faces of COPD, their wheezing breath

  • Esoterica

    Thrown out shit, ridiculous, almost worthless works combined into one stupid, bullshit and not a LITTLE fucking brilliant (occasionally, very occasionally) collection ….

  • Within the Lakes and Fields of Life

    … A never ending battle for power that I never won right up until his dying breath …

  • Where I’ll Sleep

    … when corn silk and yellow seedlings … trees and grass all join in the dance of life, thrusting higher and higher toward the Sun …