I realize there’s a better way to do something. It feels good to figure something out, to solve a problem.  Comes the epiphany?! Bamm!  The light goes on!  You want to share the light of the discovery.  So you tell about your epiphany.      The driving force behind an epiphany and the need toContinue reading “REMIND ME HOW TO DENY ANOTHER PERSON’S EXISTENCE”

You’re Crazy, She Said …

I thought I’d been making some headway patching things up with M. and JC.  But upon arrival they seemed stand offish.  I thought maybe things had taken a turn for the worse. So, I kept my distance out of respect for their feelings. Maybe the change in attitude had something to do with a conversation I had with JCContinue reading “You’re Crazy, She Said …”

Fall Tragedy: The Lost Tapes

 …..  I didn’t want to try and fit the slapping incident or the  into my normal routines, the sense of security that all kids need.    *** Kids don’t want change.  They fear change when it’s even a little close to their radar.  They depend on stability to keep the vicissitudes of life at bayContinue reading “Fall Tragedy: The Lost Tapes”

Tragedy Fall

continued … Jim and June June and Jim lived in one of those two story mission style houses built during the thirties, three dormer windows on the second floor facing the street seven or eight steps up to the front porch, past a tapered column supporting the wide porch ceiling another 15 feet to theContinue reading “Tragedy Fall”

Summer Tragedy II

continued … She growled about the money all the way home as if I wasn’t there.  I stared straight ahead afraid to say a word. She was an alcoholic but as a kid I didn’t know drinking was at the heart of her crazy flares of temper. Like the time I came home while she wasContinue reading “Summer Tragedy II”

Going Out With A Bang: There Were Pink Panties (Revised)

A split second before Green leaped off the podium to come after me, a white dot appeared.  The dot kept getting larger.  When it streaked past, not six inches from my face, I realized he had thrown his baton at me! Strange as it seems, I pictured myself wearing a black patch over my leftContinue reading “Going Out With A Bang: There Were Pink Panties (Revised)”

Green Day: Going Out With A Bang

One day, James Brown singing “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag” kept running through my head so naturally I played along with it. I thought everything was o.k.  But then, all of the sudden things weren’t. continued … Oddly enough the incident that brought about my demise was not the result of something I had done.  It was because another percussionistContinue reading “Green Day: Going Out With A Bang”

Grand Canyon Phil

Lynn started having severe headaches a year and a half after marrying Phil who considered himself a libertarian pledged to be a pain in the ass to every person he met. One summer they were on vacation at the Grand Canyon riding donkeys down a trail along the wall of the canyon around 200 feet above the Rio Grande.Continue reading “Grand Canyon Phil”

Perfection II

Continued: … They called it Woody Hayes style football.  ’Three yards and a cloud of dust’.   Since I played in the backfield I got to run the ball a lot. I wasn’t one of those flashy, fast backs who picked up big yardage on long runs.  Built low to the ground with powerful legsContinue reading “Perfection II”


We lost that game by two touchdowns.  I think the score was 28 to 14.  It wasn’t our best game by any stretch, especially when you’re plying the best team in the league; a team that hadn’t been scored on all season. Two years earlier we beat the same team in the most thrilling experience  i’veContinue reading “Perfection”



I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny … (is it 6 or 7? oh! … sorry!)

– 6 – … when that wall of sound washed over me me it  knocked my head straight back …  don’t they call that the G note,  or something like that … ?  (that’s not me …)  what’s funny is …  I wasn’t even trying to be   funny … !  …..  it was one of those moments when i found myself  unconsciously being completely  honest … ! almost like I wasContinue reading “I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny … (is it 6 or 7? oh! … sorry!)”

I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny … 4? or is it 5?

– 5 – Here’s how it happened … When Carol,  (the aggressive one) said,  ‘’Why do you think phones were invented … ?’’  I looked up and stared over at Suzanne’s office … on the other side of Carol’s desk … into the tiny space between the edge of the open door and the  window on the far wall …  I don’t know why I fixated on that particular spot …  i staredContinue reading “I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny … 4? or is it 5?”

I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny … 4

– 4 – … maybe I muttered something like, ‘’well, you know how it goes,  blah, blah, blah …. ” when suddenly the woman named Linda … ( … who’s pretty aggressive … ) says   “why do you think phones were  invented … ?!’’  …  continued … the first thing I thought was,  what the hell kind of  attitude is this … ?  ….. wasContinue reading “I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny … 4”

I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny .. 3

– 3 – if I had the balls to say ” … hey, i’ve gotta go, i left my car running … “i’d probably be just as capable of saying, ” … hey, i gotta go, I’ll see you guys  later … ”  continued …   so anyway, the first thing I did when I  got into the office was  get stuff out of my message Continue reading “I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny .. 3”

London Broil IV – Redux – End

continued …  “she’ll just have to eat her goddamned popcorn with butter tonight  … !  he wondered if she’d know the difference … but, he knew better … ) When he got back home she was fast asleep in bed … ….. hmmmmm, he thought …  ….. he figured, since the next day was saturday  (… and she’d be sleeping in … )  he’d leave early for his appointment at  Peter’sContinue reading “London Broil IV – Redux – End”

London Broil Redux

continued … why feta cheese, he wondered ??  … she said it had something to do with goats milk and the symbyotic relationship goats have with tomatoes ..?? ***** she gloated it over him … the meat thing, i mean …  and the fact that he wasn’t working … ….. naturally, he didn’t want to make waves so he ate the damned feta cheese ..  (after all … heContinue reading “London Broil Redux”

If You Liked ‘… It All Happened That Night” You’ll Love This ….. London Broil

They had meat for dinner almost every night … but for months he had been eating tomatoes and feta cheese for dinner even though he hated feta cheese … he couldn’t stand the taste and it made him sick … she insisted all along he become a vegetarian and she insisted he eat feta cheese even though he loved meat and potatoes … ” .. honey ,” she said, “as long as you bring home the bacon you can have whateverContinue reading “If You Liked ‘… It All Happened That Night” You’ll Love This ….. London Broil”

It All Happened That Night V … End

4 We got home around nine thirty. She was angry and wouldn’t speak to me. “You knew all along didn’t you!” she said … “Well kind of.  But i was hoping.” Pause … “Well, you know how it is!” But she didn’t believe me! To make matters worse, the pilot light had blown out and we didn’t have any god forsaken matches!  The ones we had were wet!! Then sheContinue reading “It All Happened That Night V … End”

It All Happened That Night IV

“truth of the matter is …” she said, ” i wasn’t paying attention to a word you said … !”  i had other things on my mind … ”  continued ….. Then she says, “Why don’t we go inside where the  fireplace is and have a brandy?” I shrugged my shoulders. “Why not? Maybe we could have a steak afterward.” She said the food at theContinue reading “It All Happened That Night IV”

It All Happened That Night III

I told her I wasn’t really trying to be rude which didn’t seem to satisfy her at all so i said it again, hoping she’d understand! But she didn’t. She got mad as hell! “I hate that Dick … !!” she said.  “He’s so goddamn irresponsible!” I noticed she was looking over my shoulder at the bright lights of the lodge. I could see that glint she gets inContinue reading “It All Happened That Night III”

It All Started That Night

It was a cold night! I mean, it was cold as hell! It felt like there was ice between my jacket and my shirt!  She had that mink thing on but it only covered her neck!  We stood outside waiting for about a half hour! Finally i said, ‘’Where in the hell are Dick and Jeannie?“  She got that quizzical look on her face!  “UH-OH,”I thought.  “HereContinue reading “It All Started That Night”

It All Happened That Night … A Re-post

It all started that night when I wasn’t sure what she was asking me … ! At first i thought it had something to do with skiing! Truth of the matter is … I didn’t know WHAT she was thinking but I didn’t want to say anything. I thought, that maybe we were supposed to be meeting DickContinue reading “It All Happened That Night … A Re-post”

I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny … !

… maybe I muttered something like, ‘’well, you know how it goes, blah, blah, blah …. ”when suddenly the woman named Linda ( … who’s pretty aggressive … ) says “why do you think phones were invented … ?!’’

Hickory Love: Part II in the series, Space Devoid of Time: Life Seen Through the Eyes of A Boy

– HICKORY LOVE –  She was a stormy, misbehaved, fighting girl, defiant and tantrum prone;  a whirlwind of anger, frustration, defiance, and cheek, prone to storm and caterwaul about, chin thrust forward, head back, unafraid to bellow or scream challenges at the adversarial towers who chase her fleeing pony’s tail while she seeks  distance from theirContinue reading “Hickory Love: Part II in the series, Space Devoid of Time: Life Seen Through the Eyes of A Boy”