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  • Second Life

    Second Life

    See the angry acts of many rich too proud to bond with mother earth their caskets bulge with stolen goods, no thought to share their riches with generosity, given freely their greedy souls ever searching their habits deadened, never knowing thoughts worth thinking. Some people care within their own demise their envy keeps them living, their […]

  • That Night At the Lodge II

    That Night At the Lodge II

    Part II A Night At the Lodge It was a cold night! I mean, it was cold as hell! It felt like there was ice between my jacket and my shirt! She had that mink thing on but it only covered her neck! We stood outside waiting for about a half hour!  Finally I said, ‘’Where in the hell are Dick and Jeannie?“ She got that […]

  • There Was His Face

    There Was His Face

    There was his face … A mixture of youthful mirth, his right eyebrow a calligraphy flare at the end of a sentence, his mouth twisted into a half smile, his head cocked to the side, mischievousness written all over the place; a question mark at the end of his eyes that said, you don’t know what I’m thinking do you? He looked […]

  • Far From Satisfactory

    Far From Satisfactory

    Far From Satisfactory monoliths erected on the foundations of those that were laid down as foundations for monoliths being erected now …. fortresses where one can disappear in embarrassment or hatred or sense of loss or shame … protective barriers from the slings and arrows of commitment or the desire to blame … walled off […]

  • Steel Wedges/Smoke and Distant Thunder

    After a lifetime a grown man attempts to discover the secret behind his his creativity and problem solving abilities.   Were in large part because of the challenges his father put before him when he was a boy.    Riding the winds of change, through smoke and distant thunder the man returns  through the light of […]

  • Kathy and Derek: The Possibility of Road Rage

    Suddenly I realized I was alone standing in the middle of the left lane, the Mustang running with the door open. I knew that the drivers behind Kathy and Derek were oblivious of the circumstances anxious to move past the Stop sign to continue along their well worn paths.   Like …  even if they […]

  • Crossroad Journey South

    I had arrived at the first crossroad of my life where my dreams of the straight and narrow were instantly transformed like some strange algorithm; the plus signs suddenly replaced by unknowns continued …  The Journey South After the crossroad I became a half assed ‘’grad’’.  I lived in the haze between night and day with blues and jazz music in […]

  • Fall Tragedy: The Lost Tapes

     …..  I didn’t want to try and fit the slapping incident or the  into my normal routines, the sense of security that all kids need.    *** Kids don’t want change.  They fear change when it’s even a little close to their radar.  They depend on stability to keep the vicissitudes of life at bay […]

  • Summer Tragedy

    He had an affair with the wife of a couple they had become friends with.  The tragedy that followed changed our lives forever.   It all began one summer when they started partying almost every Saturday or Sunday with four other couples on the grass next to Jim and June’s house.    We roamed around […]

  • Going Out With A Bang: The End … Or Is It?

    continued … Before exiting the band room door I looked back at the carnage …  Ron, the tuba player grimaced while rubbing both knees ,  Bethany was yelling at Bill Acheson her new coronet inches from his face.  Above the din of laughter it sounded like she called him a ‘sock sucker’? Greg laughed hysterically while […]

  • Green Day: My Descent To Band Outcast, II

    When I wasn’t slamming my sticks against my leg practicing drum rudiments like paradiddles, flams, radamacues and the like,  I played along with Motown or rock songs that constantly flowed through my brain …  Inevitably  one of my flailing sticks would tap against a music stand or a cymbal or worse, fall to the wooden floor bouncing from tip to end […]

  • Perfection II

    Continued: … They called it Woody Hayes style football.  ’Three yards and a cloud of dust’.   Since I played in the backfield I got to run the ball a lot. I wasn’t one of those flashy, fast backs who picked up big yardage on long runs.  Built low to the ground with powerful legs […]

  • I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny .. 3

    – 3 – if I had the balls to say ” … hey, i’ve gotta go, i left my car running … “i’d probably be just as capable of saying, ” … hey, i gotta go, I’ll see you guys  later … ”  continued …   so anyway, the first thing I did when I  got into the office was  get stuff out of my message  […]

  • London Broil – Redux – Part III

    continued … when he doubled over she called him a doofey unemployed jake ass ….. he laughed to himself …  ”what the hell is a ‘jake ass … ?”  continued … ….. most nights after cleaning the kitchen he joined her in the t.v. room even though he hated that goddamned western channel … ….. he usually curled up with a book by his favorite author louis l’amor … ….. that one night she […]

  • London Broil Redux

    continued … why feta cheese, he wondered ??  … she said it had something to do with goats milk and the symbyotic relationship goats have with tomatoes ..?? ***** she gloated it over him … the meat thing, i mean …  and the fact that he wasn’t working … ….. naturally, he didn’t want to make waves so he ate the damned feta cheese ..  (after all … he […]

  • If You Liked ‘… It All Happened That Night” You’ll Love This ….. London Broil

    They had meat for dinner almost every night … but for months he had been eating tomatoes and feta cheese for dinner even though he hated feta cheese … he couldn’t stand the taste and it made him sick … she insisted all along he become a vegetarian and she insisted he eat feta cheese even though he loved meat and potatoes … ” .. honey ,” she said, “as long as you bring home the bacon you can have whatever […]

  • It All Happened That Night IV

    “truth of the matter is …” she said, ” i wasn’t paying attention to a word you said … !”  i had other things on my mind … ”  continued ….. Then she says, “Why don’t we go inside where the  fireplace is and have a brandy?” I shrugged my shoulders. “Why not? Maybe we could have a steak afterward.” She said the food at the […]

  • It All Happened That Night III

    I told her I wasn’t really trying to be rude which didn’t seem to satisfy her at all so i said it again, hoping she’d understand! But she didn’t. She got mad as hell! “I hate that Dick … !!” she said.  “He’s so goddamn irresponsible!” I noticed she was looking over my shoulder at the bright lights of the lodge. I could see that glint she gets in […]

  • It All Started That Night

    It was a cold night! I mean, it was cold as hell! It felt like there was ice between my jacket and my shirt!  She had that mink thing on but it only covered her neck!  We stood outside waiting for about a half hour! Finally i said, ‘’Where in the hell are Dick and Jeannie?“  She got that quizzical look on her face!  “UH-OH,”I thought.  “Here […]

  • It All Happened That Night … A Re-post

    It all started that night when I wasn’t sure what she was asking me … ! At first i thought it had something to do with skiing! Truth of the matter is … I didn’t know WHAT she was thinking but I didn’t want to say anything. I thought, that maybe we were supposed to be meeting Dick […]

  • The Soft Brown Fawn Aurora

    The Brown Fawn Aurora … I see the soft brown fawn aurora as white sky  draws light ‘round curved shoulders that  taper, long neck framed by natures  green reflected into shadow curve of  small indentations ‘round hard defining  bone.  … … Within the outline drawing  white and green, two  curvatures soft and serene look  down […]

  • Anger … By K.S. Part II

    Seriously!  This is not some serious shit!! Depending on your level of passion anger can be great creative fuel! The best way to sublimate anger … other than creating your own personal masterpiece … is through humor!! If you turn anger into being funny you can deflate its destructive tendencies while creating your personal masterpiece AT THE SAME TIME! Think what […]

  • My Words On Anger … by K.S. .. Part I

    There’s this blogger who .. we follow each other …  writes a fabulously funny blog that she illustrates with cartoons called Little Monster Girl, A Web Comic http://lmgcomic.com. Every week she invites her readers to write their opinion about some subject. Last week the subject was anger. I got hung up on a comment someone made about […]

  • The Linoleum Floor of the Basement

    Her mother’s indiscretion had filled the P.K. with hatred so we constantly flaunted our sexuality in the kitchen, the Rector’s library, on the front porch one time even, on the linoleum floor of the church after one of those MYF meetings … *** While she craved to punish her mother she was driven by the question:  would the second time be as good […]

  • The Tide of Life

    … the tide of Life, each day/Another time …