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  • The Creature From the Black Canal

    The Creature From the Black Canal

    The Creature From the Black Canal They kept warning me about the alligator they saw paddling around the canal in back of the house but, I scoffed at their advice. “I need to whack those weeds along the canal bank!  They’re unsightly!” I said. I waited until mid afternoon so I could work in the shade […]

  • The Same Strange World

    The Same Strange World

    And so, he did. .. (go back to his room.) He loved the absurdity of these kinds of situations; the startled first time behavior and the look of surprise, like a kid finding an agate in the sand excitement, wide eyed, incredibly amused at the absurdity, a brief return to childhood wonder, the disappearance of […]

  • Three Musets

    Three Musets

    Three Quarter Seasons spring time trees grow green leaves new life bright sun great days to swim much fun ! snow days light wings falling skies gray Winter’s Warmth great lake frozen water skating fire warm skaters gathered popcorn! days end hands held walking best friends Trout Stream Camp cool stream flowing gently light dreams […]

  • Excerpt: Strange World

    Excerpt: Strange World

    Excerpt After the nurse left his room he thought about what had occurred and in a drug and pain induced brain fog, pulled the tubes from his left arm and, using the food cart as a walker made a half assed attempt to escape the hospital for some unknown reason. From that point forward the […]

  • I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny … Part II

    I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny … Part II

    if I had the balls to say ” … hey, i’ve gotta go, i left my car running … “i’d probably be just as capable of saying, ” … hey, i gotta go, I’ll see you guys  later … ”  continued …   Part II  So anyway, the first thing I did when I got into the office was get stuff out of my message box.   Then, I sat […]

  • Purple Words

    Purple Words

    Purple Words – One late Spring day, my students and I walked to the Dairy Queen with the thought in mind that we would capture unique experiences and write about them when we returned to the class room. After lunch, we formed a single file line crossed Monroe Road to the sidewalk, walked west for two blocks, […]

  • I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny Or, How A Chorus of G Notes Changed My Life

    I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny Or, How A Chorus of G Notes Changed My Life

    I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny I wasn’t looking forward to going into the office because according to procedures, paper work is to be turned in the next day before ten o’clock and I was already one day late PLUS I’d be going in after ten o’clock. On top of that, when I’ve done […]

  • Life


    We Live but ….               a beautiful moment … ks

  • Becka


    Earlier, she ate chips and salsa off paper brought to swimming pool’s edge, earlier than earlier. Later, he came with hot coffee sipping looking beyond ahead in front, silently. ‘I bet you can’t drink that whole thing,” she said her voice behind. ‘No. But I can take a really big gulp.’ Chugging, eyes closed vision; […]

  • The Light Within For Rahul Gaur

    The Light Within For Rahul Gaur

    The Light Within I fixate on time constantly When i hear the wail of a diesel horn or smell fresh mown grass or look out at the inland sea i hear the sound and i’m transported to the stored light of another time each magnifying the other more deeply every time. We build our lives on […]

  • Jigsaw


    I thought I knew but I knew I hadn’t found the answer to my question. You know you know when you’re spaced out and your brain has been on cruise control for a while and you’re still scratching your head wondering why you can’t stop thinking because there’s still a piece missing just below the […]

  • There Was His Face

    There Was His Face

    There was his face … A mixture of youthful mirth, his right eyebrow a calligraphy flare at the end of a sentence, his mouth twisted into a half smile, his head cocked to the side, mischievousness written all over the place; a question mark at the end of his eyes that said, you don’t know what I’m thinking do you? He looked […]

  • The Runner

    The Runner

    I watched the runner from where I stood at the forty five yard line in front of the opposing team’s bleachers while on the opposite side of the field at the 20 yard line the runner caught the punt, took two steps backward, tucked the ball into the crook of his arm, lowered his right shoulder and began running a looping arc […]

  • Songs of Softest Memories

    Songs of Softest Memories

    Songs of Softest Memories i sing the songs of distant memories … the songs of time gone by … the words to stories known so well that float behind my eyes … i turn the pages of the book i see within my mind .. i listen to the sighs … the songs of softest […]

  • Escape


      Through windows of time escape is ready and waits for you …

  • Run Silent Run Deep

    Run Silent Run Deep

    Run Silent Run Deep On waves of hope riding, rising most often crashing smartly smashing wedded myths exploding stars somber chords playing rifts; driving cool rhythms, run silent … run deep … Fractured contagion relegated songs of incantation learning deeds and conflagrations emerging, reaching calmly waiting … total seclusion Other modes of teaching: suffocating group […]

  • Stooley …

    Stooley …

    They told me to take a stool softener since Roxies make you constipated; I decided to try … those little gel caps; gray and burgundy (pretty colors that go together … ) that slip down your gullet pretty easily, so I tore off a chunk of Matt’s homemade all grain bread, started chomping, looked down, saw […]

  • Miriam


    Further adventures of Gile Steel. So, there he was at the hospital exactly a year later at the same time, same place having the same procedure in the same room, next to the nurse’s station, by the same SURGEON where,  a year earlier several factors came together in the middle of the night causing  an […]

  • To Languish By the Sea the Sea

    To Languish By the Sea the Sea

    Have you ever … “It’s on the tip of my tongue,” before? of course you have who hasn’t when something is gone and come and gone again .. post scripted  or seen languishing with endless superlatives where they’re printed, worth zilcho depending on how many fish you can get  to climb to the top of […]

  • Miriam


    Miriam He told me about the time he was at the hospital a year ago at the same time he would be at the same hospital this year, in the same room where last year he suffered the same procedure as he would be suffering this year .. exactly a year later. He told me […]

  • To Be Alone In Misery

    To Be Alone In Misery

    On the third day after a terrible night, having felt pain all night and hardly sleeping, sick to his stomach and with a fucking headache that wouldn’t go away moving from room to room had become a painful process. At one point, he found himself in the middle room when she made breakfast; two poached […]

  • How Can I Take What You Give?

    How Can I Take What You Give?

    How can I take what you give your comfort or satisfaction your inspiration from what i give so selfishly? i do it because i have to speak if i’m ‘liked’ or not respecting those sacred few above all others who keep returning … what kind of friend am i who won’t go seeking/reaching for the […]

  • Far From Satisfactory

    Far From Satisfactory

    Far From Satisfactory monoliths erected on the foundations of those that were laid down as foundations for monoliths being erected now …. fortresses where one can disappear in embarrassment or hatred or sense of loss or shame … protective barriers from the slings and arrows of commitment or the desire to blame … walled off […]

  • See and Be

    See and Be

    Somber chords short awaits finish words meaning too late stolen and replaced … stone cold vistas rock slides combustion engine seen to be heard not listened to material form dissipates  to zero … this is absurd … ! coal mine gone from disappears … from sight … it’s not like frozen trust, u said didn’t […]

  • My Struggle: A Lamentation

    My Struggle: A Lamentation

    My Struggle The Worlds I’m Seeking I struggle … I search for … I see a flash of flowing colors that quickly disappear; The allure of light but, with words unspoken/their sound unheard  Stolen lovers sometimes rarely seen The light beneath the bedroom door the room of sight I sometimes sleep in … The other room I laugh and cry in […]

  • The Third Epoch

    The Third Epoch

    Did you hear about them coming? yes i did. they said, ‘in droves’ but, what does that mean and where will they be coming from? they’re already here! they’re INSIDE MY HOUSE!  they won’t leave me alone.  they keep sucking my blood.   good God, face facts.  it’s what we’ve ALL been suffering from for […]

  • When Daylight Birds Take Morning Flight

    When Daylight Birds Take Morning Flight

    When Daylight Birds Take Morning Flight I was up before seven I made a pot of coffee I swept the floor I listened to the radio I poured the coffee I put sugar and cream in I climbed back into bed and slept until the dawn of night. I watched the moon arch overhead from […]

  • Killers On the Loose

    Killers On the Loose

    Killlers On the Loose There’s a place where life is never bare of mice and madness, where the world will come again flogging itself with delight every step of the way; made more evil by men who besiege, hold prisoners in bonds/of deepest despair; their love warped and cruel and rotten with usury to the […]

  • Frozen Moments Locked In Time

    Frozen Moments Locked In Time

    Frozen Moments Locked In Time No words to write/ no stories to tell now … Only experiences that happened; the day I looked into a nest with eight gaping mouths, the eerie sound of baby robins begging to be fed/ the night our house burned down and dropped into the basement. The reality of what I remember/ the words […]

  • Within the Fractures of His Mind

    Within the Fractures of His Mind

    He lived with Her until  she couldn’t stand it so she relocated him to a room in an old house next to a gas station … ….. that house was consumed in flames one night in defense – he said – of the FBI lurking outside his window … ….. the court said he did it on purpose … “Why would the FBI be […]

  • Deadbeat Amputee

    Deadbeat Amputee

    Deadbeat Amputee Oh! Hi! … OH! Jeeze. Hi … Hey, you know what?  I’m a bad person! I was tied up for a whole week so I couldn’t send you the money. My wife finally came home from Borneo and untied me from the hose I got wrapped up in when I fell hosing the back porch […]

  • Voyage: The Flatlands of Ohio

    Voyage: The Flatlands of Ohio

    *Photo above: Dayton, Ohio from I-75 Across the Border: Into the Flatlands Across the border into Ohio hard to keep my eyes off the furrowed fields, sprouts of corn, wheat or soybeans lines of green velveteen beckoning my eyes to distant silos and barns … beautiful country given as secret knowledge to those of us […]

  • Voyage South

    Voyage South

    After the Departure; The Road South And so the voyage goes … Uneventful miles rolled beneath the balding tires of The Explorer … along the Huron coastline over the Zilwaukee Bridge past Fisher Body in Flint a skeleton of what it used to be when time was ‘LIGHT’ where i used to be when all […]

  • Voyage


    My tasks complete i rose before the early dawn, gave one last listen to the great lake and the wrangling sound of ten thousand migrating geese and mallard ducks closed my eyes and breathed the last purest air i’d breathe for months to come, turned away from the tree i’d lived within and walked away […]

  • Song For My Father

    Song For My Father

    First I heard Stan playing ‘one note’ with samba beat in conjunction with machiado, whip cream, a chorus of shopping  murmurs hello names … espresso pastries, jive talk and solitary people seeking dreams within themselves … When Diz joined in i heard those afro cuban rhythms and lost notes grown along the tree rings of his later career … (So sad to […]

  • #6 .. Transponding Transexual Transfers: A Detrimental Exchange Between Two Trainspotters From: Songs Heard But, Immediately Forgotten #6

    #6 .. Transponding Transexual Transfers: A Detrimental Exchange Between Two Trainspotters From: Songs Heard But, Immediately Forgotten #6

    #6 How are the transplants doing?  I’ll send pics. By the way, I had an epiphany when I separated the word trans from plants. Maybe I understand what transgender means now. Isn’t it kind of like almost sorta like grafting a tree? There’s a series on TV called Transparent.  It’s about a father who becomes a […]

  • A Single Soul With Many Beating Hearts

    A Single Soul With Many Beating Hearts

    … we shared our lungs and the soot upon our fingers … the sounds of crashing cars at night … their steel wheels spinning  … the sound of dynamos coupling … the lonely whistle’s departure the sound of blowing steam … (singing lonely notes to us in our dreams) or songs of departure for those […]

  • Songs Sung But Never Heard; Bits and Pieces of Verbal DNA; Words That Couldn’t Pass Muster Destined to Have Not Been Seen Now … Seen; Unfinished Thoughts of Suffering and Pain; #1 … #2 … and More of Same … (to come … )

    Songs Sung But Never Heard; Bits and Pieces of Verbal DNA; Words That Couldn’t Pass Muster Destined to Have Not Been Seen Now … Seen; Unfinished Thoughts of Suffering and Pain; #1 … #2 … and More of Same … (to come … )

      #1 with sudden change the air began to escape the float the favor he thought that he was making the opposite of his feat … his generosity and consideration like a sunken ship or a puff of smoke evaporating into hardship … further action that he needed the wrath he would endure the first […]

  • Two ‘Fer

    Two ‘Fer

    – Two – I was flying sideways in my car along streets full of passers by looking for tomorrow and a day that will never come. … Past fields of wheat and flax I drove past lines and furrows along roads well traveled where spiral masses lay in wait for early spring past the mystery of […]

  • Visions Of I Didn’t Know

    Visions Of I Didn’t Know

    There was that moment when parentage grew wings; when each gave their life so urgently in exchange for the others delight. Then came storms and sorrow for all the right reasons; a child the only receipt that they had paid for their lives together; like minded authors on the road of their procession on days they shared the child of their creation; brief […]

  • Of Men and Mice

    Of Men and Mice

    i’m perfectly aware that those sticky mouse traps are cruel.  but i figure the captured mice die alone.  me?  i decided the sticky side of some vinyl strips i recently used on the floor would be more humane and maybe i could find a humane way to dispose of them far enough from the cottage […]

  • Sleep/Dream/Night/Birth/Reason/Season


    Sleep is the microcosm of hibernation is the microcosm of death a another voyage through the world of dreams a chance for rebirth every night with every season … every season every life, another birth …

  • Stolen Serenity

    Stolen Serenity

    I told you yesterday that spring had sprung and i knew because i saw a fly and a bull ant on the floor by the fireplace and a tickling on my arm as i wrote this piece not fifteen minutes ago a tiny spider had invaded my space! There are gnats and mosquitos and other […]

  • That Old Clock and the Old Lady and the Old Clock

    That Old Clock and the Old Lady and the Old Clock

    That Old Clock and the Old Lady and the Old Clock The frame had a small dent, the number four rested against six after that old clock on the kitchen wall crashed onto the marble counter top because I opened the cabinet door too forcefully … That old clock still ticked so I rehung it until I could […]

  • Ergo

    Ergo i’m torn in many wonder ways captive held. Scalding seas narrow channels heights below surfeit ever changing seasons finding mark/steady back against chest … contact surface shot to shit with sweet nostalgia …. one single look of ‘wonder why’ exchanged … or was it simply sad … ? contact!!? spark !!! breath alive ? […]

  • When Love No Longer Is the Object of Your Affection

    When Love No Longer Is the Object of Your Affection

    I’ve been to the monument and the inland sea .. the land that time forgot. where I walked between the rising sun and the trees of blackest night with diesel’s mournful wail beneath star filled nights the midnight sun reflected the moon and stars along the rails of time the trails of tears I walk along […]

  • Nick Makes A Funny Joke For Jessica

    Nick Makes A Funny Joke For Jessica

      Nick and Jessica email each other. Jessica’s email address is Nick’s email address is Nick types in Nick is chuckling because he thinks jessica”s going to think the joke he’s about to send her … is really funny …  Nick doesn’t expect Jessica to have a laugh orgasm which is a common […]

  • The Day the Month the Hour the Minute the Second the Time That I Was Born

    The Day the Month the Hour the Minute the Second the Time That I Was Born

    That summer hot and sultry mid month mid year mid way past midnight bright lights shining blinding hands grasping fingers smashing through the air i did not really care it was not my problem i was their’s for the taking … i heard the pain that wasn’t mine explode into my space, the air, the […]

  • Trump Card Takes the Pot

    Trump Card Takes the Pot

    Trump Card Takes the Pot Trump card plays his hand knowing how the game will end He’s a big game hunter now he has his own guns ! the biggest guns in all the lands! the power of Life and Death held firmly in his hands … ….. Trump card plays his hand … ….. Friendly […]

  • Space Devoid of Time

    Space Devoid of Time

    wind blows memories through my mind\ time recedes, I’m moving through space devoid of time … in different lands … i’m in another place drawn in as a sketch or a figure etched in fog or mist watching … seeing … seeing the light of time past stored inside … Light from the past taken […]