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  • Lost In Black

    TRAPPED IN BLACK      At the precise moment I realize my only chance for survival is to reach the cell phone 12’ from the bathroom shower (where moments before I had recreated the shower curtain scene from Psycho) I come to the realization that it will be impossible. …..“NOOOOOOO!! DEAR LORD NOOOOO NOT AGAIN!” […]

  • Nails In the Coffin Of Our Democracy

    Nails In the Coffin Of Our Democracy

    Complacency Is the Root Of All Evil Methinks, let’s not get too complacent.  Social unrest will be a major factor in the not too distant future. What is being done to  prepare ethnic communities for invasions of racially motivated terrorists from within our borders? The Separationists will incite unrest in black and Hispanic communities as an […]

  • The Next Great Epoch: The “New”

    I should be putting more work into what I’m attempting to do right now but, I can’t help but think existentially about what’s going on in the U.S. and the world,  trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together based on where it all came from and where it’s all going and blah […]

  • The Day the Earth Stood Still

    The Day the Earth Stood Still

    If you are visually or cognitively allergic to my more esoteric/abstract writing skip over this piece, take two aspirin but don’t call me in the morning.  From the pristine air I’m finally breathing at the cottage the movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” emerged from the fog inside my mind I carried along on […]

  • Love Is …

    Love Is …

    What Is Love? All anyone wants is to feel loved … positive beautiful affirming of self/each other.  It doesn’t have to be anything.  It just is.  It’s a place that ‘rises above.’  Love touches in different ways than everyday “socialisms” between people. You read love on paper sometimes on the screen words that kiss and caress they […]

  • He’s A Bad Mother …… Well, I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout ….. !

    He’s A Bad Mother …. Well I’m Talkin’ Bout’ …… In a fit of not rarely happening ridiculously dumb, funny shit that I’ve done and do, that happen to me constantly and because I’ve been moaning in my sleep lately and because of my hip, I decide to sleep in the little tv room on […]

  • Every Step of the Way

    Life is a drama every step of the way! Intensely fought battles for                                                                    roles, ideals, conceptions, perceptions Aberrations and            […]

  • The Web of Time

    We are a travelers moving along a web of time within a mist we call life. We see with light given from somewhere, outside, within, in-between, seldom seen at best, reflected. We make decisions; where to go, how to get there, what to think and feel; assuming truths, affirming movement we’re not sure of, through space most […]

  • What’s In A

    What’s In A? Spent the day just giving  giving giving money money money  Getting food food and coffee.   Part of the day I spent  spending, speaking speeding soaking  walking wet in the rain  past  endles endless rows of things.    Things and things and things with  different names  every name a different thing every  […]

  • They’ve Stolen My Serenity!

    I told you yesterday that spring had sprung and i knew because i saw a fly and a bull ant on the floor by the fireplace, a tickling on my arm as i wrote this piece not fifteen minutes ago a tiny spider had invaded my space! There are gnats and mosquitos and other tiny things […]

  • The Agony and the Ecstasy V Ending

      continued …. I guess you’re just supposed to put them on and pee but, I couldn’t help but wonder what was the standard volume limit?    Volume of the Dam? I looked all over for the table of contents or for some of those FAQ’s.  I found nothing about volume.  Would the damn burst […]

  • The Agony and the Ecstasy IV

          continued; Boy howdy did that ring a bell with me! I Got the Urge  Next, I’ll tell you how all off these factors came together to form this super collision.   The morning of my departure I ‘suited up’ for the trip.  The gray ones looked almost dressy in my estimation.  Nice […]

  • The Agony and the Ecstasy III

      Wondering About the Glory  One day during the golden hour at the end of the day mulling things over while feeding bread to the turtles I wondered, what will it be like to simply keep the gates open and let the water flow when the bladder wants it to flow all natural like?   In […]

  • The Agony and the Ecstasy II

          continued …. “Gosh,” I realized.  “Despite the fact that she doesn’t have an enlarged prostate gland and I’ve never had the urge to commit murder we have a lot in common!” Creative Genius I compared and contrasted the motivations of the diaper clad, crazed astronaut with the agony I feel when I have […]

  • The Agony and the Ecstasy

        The Agony and the Ecstasy The agony of suddenly having to pee with great intensity while cruising eighty five miles an hour on the interstate with no place to pee in sight, cannot be understated! After a minute it hurts. Longer than a minute? It hurts bad. The Eternal Battle In case you’re […]

  • Rooster Speaks/Sun Fan

    Rooster Speaks   Ashes pure as light cast off                                                                                               […]

  • Recycled Pap

    It seems I’m more creative in  many but not ALL ways … Or always..  But at times more than ever  maybe because i have  more to draw from or  it’s natures way of giving a little  ‘kick back’ for all the shit ..  whoops … sorry … whatever life is whether it’s  made up or […]

  • Fragments Of A Dream Long Forgotten Revisited

    Fragments Of A Dream Long Forgotten  An old man remembers a dream he had as a boy. One day he thought back through time and  A dream about a fine and beautiful place. fragments of a beautiful stained glass  Upon contemplating the memory, the man realizes, window of untold beauty began to that for fifty […]

  • What Is A Gandydancer?

    What Is A Gandydancer? The piece below is a segment of a larger picture. People I know with a railroad background have wondered what the railroad term Gandydancer pertains to?  There’s even a song about the gandydancers ball. My grandfather’s name was Dietrich Sr.  This is a story about how I as a ten year […]

  • Ghost Trees Wailing At the Wind

      A picture couldn’t do justice to Arctic wind’s ferocity blowing across the great lake thirty or forty m.p.h. white caps rushing toward shore water, trees, sand and leaves … combined Shhsssshing relentlessly, my hoody inflated into a reverse parachute pushing my head and body backward. Dots of rain prick my face the occasional snow […]

  • Nature’s Life

    She looked with cold indifference  at His efforts to teach us  the connection between our lives and nature. Bridge parties, the daily routines of life and of course  her afternoon naps, were the essential components of Her life. He gave us the freedom to explore the sandy beaches,  the dunes, trout streams and  The Great Lake […]

  • Bluegills

    Bluegills We bought two cardboard containers packed with 15 or 20 corn bores covered in loose black muck, at a farm five miles from town before turning off the black top then, another three miles along a gravel road, snow plowed high on both sides, past farmers fields barely visible stretched white to the gray horizon, […]

  • They Call It Turtle Cove

    ..  They Call It Turtle Cove .. What I’ve been doing? I’ve been working on my dock  terracing slopeland for boxed steps made from two by fours carved and set into canal soil with aloe plants showcased ’round  boxed, steps, leading down to  shoreline dock I built  at water’s edge where looking into  canal water   through water’s window […]

  • Life

    Life is drama  every step of the way! Intensely fought battles for roles, ideals, ideas, conceptions. Aberrations!! It comes with sin and love with  neglect and abuse, hard fought wars to conquer baser instincts from the onslaughts of those with different roles, ideals or whatever forces there are inside that make us all the same.


    I realize there’s a better way to do something. It feels good to figure something out, to solve a problem.  Comes the epiphany?! Bamm!  The light goes on!  You want to share the light of the discovery.  So you tell about your epiphany.      The driving force behind an epiphany and the need to […]

  • A Christmas Story

    A Christmas Story

    A Christmas Story  It’s   cold and crisp,  the air between each time   crystal clear or full of light wings falling/ fat with fluff   sailing where they please, drifting sideways in the breeze with crystal memories  See them resting quietly in the trees?  On the ground adding curve to rugged spaces giving shadow’s […]

  • Gile Steele On Tape

    The Gile Steele Tapes; 12:15, Thursday … She walked away from that maternal relationship with deep resentment for the way she was treated, unfairly, she was punished because she withstood the attacks on her self confidence, her self possession her intelligence.  They became rivals and it was the only way she could defend herself.  They […]

  • Hideous Nature, Life

    Hideous nature, life … Ghastly in its death bed/its beseiging compass run its course. Bewildering with its struggles/ writhing in its pain/ desire seeking fire/rifting terrorism’s claim. Severed thinking/ thoughts of creepy crawlies/ struggling through night against all reasoning. There’ll be no full moon tonight to guide the single masted ship sailing saw tooth tiger’s […]

  • The Gile Steele Tapes

    The Further Adventures of Gile Steele; The Man Wearing A Camel Hat   Interview: 12/18/18 TGI Fridays So, I guess it was a couple hours ago.  I was waiting on that table in the corner and over to my left was this guy with all the looks of a typical older guy, white haired with […]

  • Crane’s Obit

    continued … At precisely the same moment the explosion rocks my world I witness the most amazing sight I’ve  ever seen.   Inanimate  I need to look more closely at the bird to satisfy my curiosity about what I had seen or, not seen. I walk toward the mound of gray feathers where the bird […]

  • The Crane Continues IV

    The Verdict  continued ….. I hate them for saying that.  Who are they to decide whether another living thing should live or die?   They look at each other then back at me.  Without saying a word I know the verdict.  I look at the crane, its head feathers tousled by an on shore breeze […]

  • The Crane Part III

    Lowering the Crane  I lower the big crane onto the sand in the open field across from the cottage.  The instant its feet touch the ground its head drops back into the S position. Before running around to the back, I stop and look into its eye one more time.  I see no flicker of […]

  • The Crane

    continued … his awareness of sights so different from its everyday world gliding high, looking down at ponds and streams, wading through water searching always searching to satisfy the hunger that gives life meaning.  The desire to live. Suddenly I know its alive!   It has awareness.  I feel a link between our searching ever curious minds. Suddenly I know […]

  • Constructing the Crane: It’s Alive, It Has Awareness!

    continued ….. its wings, so large that they stretch the length of its entire body from its breastbone to the shorter thin feathers on the backside, it’s feathers lying next to each other, slightly overlapped when not in use, like a tightly louvered fan pointing downward while standing. In Flight I picture its wings in flight […]

  • Constructing the Crane

    A Story About A Boy and His Pet Crane  The Crane: Prologue  They said the crane was too sick to live!  They insisted it would poke out my eye.   This was adult thinking at its worst!  The kind of overly cautious bullshit thought that leads to really stupid decisions.   I hated them for using untrue […]

  • I Guess It’s Just What You Believe …..

    Of course I have friends on Facebook!  We share the past like, we’re brothers and sisters. So, one of my Facebook sisters wrote this piece as a comment to someone about some sheets that were advertised to help people sleep better. Since I’m from a small town I’m aware that topics like these can become […]

  • Red Sun Rising

    The S & P down 3.09%, lower than beginning of the year.  Dow down 2.4% less than beginning of the year.  Nasdaq down 4.3% S & P down 9.68%.   Government debt highest in history borrowing based on consistent three percent growth Growth rate is 2.5% and will either remain or drop further.   New […]

  • Naked As A Jailbird

    I can’t believe that one single person has not stood up to T and told him he’s naked.   But I CAN understand why no one wants to tell him he’s naked.  It’s his mouth!   He “shouts people away” from telling him the truth because he’s ALWAYS been naked and he hates it but he can’t […]

  • Hey you …..

    He ceded Syria to Russia thus, enabling Assad and Putin to join forces against the U.S.  One less vantage point for the U.S. to stave off all out war. China … was a useful ally between Russia and the U.S. since Kissinger.  Never a trade war or otherwise.  We supported each other’s market ambitions favorably. […]

  • How I Fell From First Chair Drummer to Band Outcast

    How I Descended From First Chair Drummer To Band Outcast The drum section in the back left corner of our tiny band room was cordoned off from the rest of the band by a bass drum, three snare drums, three kettle drums, a set of chimes, a full sized gong and a silver glockenspiel on […]

  • The Tragedy/Darkness/Death/the End

    Darkness/Death  continued … I creaked up the stairs to the landing, turned right eight more steps where I found myself  stranding in the middle of the upstairs hallway. On my left the bathroom door opened to black and white tiles, green walls, a pedestal sink and an old cast iron tub with curled feet. At the […]

  • The Tragedy: The Last Time I Saw Janey

    THE LAST TIME I SAW JANEY The last time I saw Janey was at a birthday party she threw for her nephew one Saturday in late fall. Here’s what happened that day and how it figures into the tragedy. Picture yourself walking across that wide front porch to the front door.  The door opens so, […]

  • The Tragedy: After Midnight

    The Tragedy continued …  Continued …  That night after midnight, I heard a commotion outside. Curious, I crept downstairs, tiptoed across the kitchen, slowly opened the sliding glass door, stepped into the screened in porch and stood in the shadows. Fifeen feet from the porch they were fighting next to a big elm tree in […]

  • The Tragedy; the Incident

    The Tragedy; the Incident

    THE INCIDENT More boisterous than usual, they partied into the night at their last gathering of the summer.  At one point they stood in a circle looking like a bunch of school kids on the playground rocking back and forth on the balls of their feet, teasing each other,  giggling and guffawing. A couple of […]

  • The Tragedy: Lost Tapes

    The Tragedy III The Lost Tapes Seems obvious but important to note that, looking back I can say with great surety, kids don’t want change.  They want to stay as far away from change as possible.  They want to do what they are doing and they think they can do it forever because they don’t realize […]

  • The Tragedy II

    The Tragedy II

    II It all started the summer Deac and Donna partied almost every weekend with three other couples on the grass along the west side of Jim and Janey’s house one of those big ‘mission style’ houses with three dormer windows looking down onto the front sidewalk, a wide front porch six or seven steps up […]

  • The Tragedy

    The Tragedy

    The Tragedy Dragged along on their journey of repentance after the tragedy not kicking and screaming but depressed about losing life long friends to a new world, we ricocheted through time and space to the four corners then home again to where it all began before, hoping to put pieces back together that would never […]

  • The Further Adventures of Gile Steele

    The Further Adventures of Gile Steele

    Further Adventures of Gile Steele So, there he was at the hospital exactly a year later at the same time, same place having the same procedure performed, by the same doctor, in the same room, next to the nurse’s station where a year earlier several factors came together in the middle of the night causing  an unexpected event […]

  • Even the Crazies

    Even the Crazies

      I’ve been to the monument  I’ve seen the inland sea ..   I’ve walked between the rising sun   among the trees  of blackest night beneath the moon and  star filled sky  and midnight sun’s  reflection.    I’ve heard the diesel’s mournful wail  along the rails of time  the trail of tears I walk alone […]

  • Two’fer


    Two F’er – Two – I was flying sideways in my car along streets full of passers by looking for tomorrow and a day that will never come. Past fields of wheat and flax I drove past lines and furrows along roads well traveled where spiral masses lie in wait for early spring past the mystery […]