Nails In the Coffin Of Our Democracy

Complacency Is the Root Of All Evil

Methinks, let’s not get too complacent. 

Social unrest will be a major factor in the not too distant future. What is being done to  prepare ethnic communities for invasions of racially motivated terrorists from within our borders?

The Separationists will incite unrest in black and Hispanic communities as an excuse to go in and kill. 

This will be the match that sparks the flame for a REAL race war these terrorists have been training for for years.  Preparations must be made in those communities most vulnerable, to avoid their invasion.

I hope the equivalent of the CDC is out there looking beyond the horizon line for signs of armed insurgence. Working to anticipate the needs of at risk communities far enough in advance to avoid great social unrest that most likely will happen at a tremendous cost financially and in terms of lives and liberty lost not just in those communities but in every community throughout the United States.   

There WILL be social unrest. They WILL attack. We WILL all suffer the consequences of a race war within our borders.

Will the Separationist’s gunshots be the nails in the coffin of our democracy?  

One lesson learned from the pandemic? Without preparation more lives will be lost; a war between the races could be a worse epidemic with consequences beyond our power to control. Plans must be made.

What’s being done in the those “at risk” communities to stave off this even more lethal disease? What are we doing to strengthen the bulwarks against their invasion? 

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