The Next Great Epoch: The “New”

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I should be putting more work into what I’m attempting to do right now but, I can’t help but think existentially about what’s going on in the U.S. and the world,  trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together based on where it all came from and where it’s all going and blah blah blah.  What future scenarios are most likely to occur?  Just trying to figure things out.  How will things change?  Whatever.  

WILL life change significantly?  Change is inevitable.  Life will never be the same.  I think we need to face that fact.  Incremental circumstances create change that’s incremental.  Far flung circumstances bring great change.  Great change can be expected; the challenge is life threatening and we’ve never faced a similar threat before.

At this moment in time, life is an ‘Unknown Variable’.    

Life will never be the same.  The Modern Age we’ve lived in for all our lives is coming to a quiet end.  What’s interesting is that those of us Boomers who were born at the birth of the modern age who spent our youth growing up during the Golden Age of America 1950 – 1965 so too are WE slowly coming to OUR ends.  It’s as if our lives and the Modern Age have been inextricably linked from the beginning up until the present time.  

How beautiful that we lived from its birth through all the complex historical events beginning with the fifteen innocent years we lived in complete freedom.  We were privileged to have lived with the freedom to discover, to assuage a child’s lust for knowing the world and interacting with it, free to enjoy the pursuit with a level of comfort, unlike any generation of youth has ever known.  

I think it’s swell that the whole country is returning en masse to the only true place of refuge; the place where family lives.  What’s great is, we have no choice in the matter!  We can’t be for it or against it politically because it’s nature who has made the decision for us and I don’t think nature HAS a party affiliation. It’s more like a higher authority has declared, “Get your asses home and start all over again and this time, do it right!”  

My concern is, will the knowledge of that ‘golden age’ be passed on as a model for the future since, future generations will know little about America during its Golden Age and they will be called upon to make the creative changes that will lead us toward the next leap of faith.  

The next great epoch.  Or the late great planet earth?  

If they don’t know their history, how will they have any semblance of a ‘road map’ to lead them into the future?  

Wow!  Forced to face a new world built on family units, to pool resources and talents in order to get through the next couple months and move into the future.  A LOT can happen in two months and I expect a lot WILL since we’ve never been to this “place” before.  

Bottom line is, this could be the best thing that ever happened to family and country and maybe the world during during this so cared Modern Age, a fitting way to end the Modern and begin the New.  Maybe the whole span of the Modern Age was a run through so the same mistakes will not be made in the “New”.  

I look at it this way.  It was OUR actions that brought the virus into the world NOT through some cockamamy conspiracy rather, through deforestation; by invading the eco systems we are releasing countless pathogens into the world from where they’ve existed in stasis within their environment for tens of thousands if not millions of years, bringing them into contact with a world crowded with humans who have invaded the barriers between.  So it’s our job to deal with it and to deal with it right.  

We’ve forced these pathogens to interact with us by the decisions we’ve made.  But we’re not allowed to blame this on nature.  It’s human activities that have done the damage and humans who must pay the price or change our ways.  Either that or,  this virus will only be known as ‘The First”.  

We are at a crossroads of history.  We must evolve or go back to the old ways and invite more catastrophe to come our way.  Our eco systems can’t take much more.  They have already started to fight back.  It’s up to us to find creative solutions that enable us to live in partnership with nature and … with man.

Return to family means people will be forced to live life styles from a past age when all relationships were centered around the home; when this was the ‘norm’ in America as it was when we Boomers grew up during the Golden Age of America 1950 – 1965.  

The humble beginnings of the Modern Age streamed from the “small town ethos”, a kind of ‘mind sharing’ that can only happen in certain group settings but when it does, a kind of magic occurs that runs through lives much like the electrical currents of a social network except the mind sharing of the small town ethos exists in ‘real’ terms.

Maybe social networking needed to come into existence to fulfill the vacuum created when the small town ethos began disappearing. 

continuing …. maybe .,.. ks

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