What’s In A

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What’s In A?

Spent the day just giving 

giving giving money money money 

Getting food food and coffee.  

Part of the day I spent 

spending, speaking speeding soaking 

walking wet in the rain 


endles endless rows of things.   

Things and things and things with 

different names 

every name a different thing every 

thing a different 


Never-ending names and names of things 

it seems names get made for 

every little thing a world of names that 

brings great things to my 


describing things and what they do that 

I can’t even 



Tell A Story: Tell It If You Can 

Tell the story if you can 

tell it tell it

Tell any story  

If you can 

tell the story 

tell me the story 

tell me If you 

Can …

I can tell it.

I can tell my story 

I can 

tell it when I can ‘cause 

I can tell it 

when I can! 

You bet I can! 

I can tell my story 

better than 

anyone can.  


It Could Be Anyone’s Life 

They found they liked their bodies they 

liked their bodies they 

LOVED their bodies 

They loved each others bodies 

given getting gotten touching screwing 

all they can.

Joined in holy matronly malformity  

In the church speaking while 

speaking then speaking 

In return they 

told their future lies unspoken 

future truth that’s broken 

breaking breaking breaking 

future lives 

marking nine months to the day 

 baby’s life is on the way 

that very day 

born into 

the morning dark.    

Eating fingers, fingers twisting 

Twisting twisting fingers rapping 

rap rap 

Rapping at the door//

thinking, wondering if you please 

as night moves forward on  

the breeze 

moving moving playing playing touching 

loving locking flocking heaven’s verses versing 

curses comely searching touching 

nine moons to the day giving 

birth, born and born 

and born and born again and again 

each and every single day 

touching touching touching 

born each day until 

the very 


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