Second Life

See the angry acts of many rich
too proud to bond

with mother earth
their caskets bulge

with stolen goods,

no thought to share their riches
with generosity, given freely

their greedy souls ever searching
their habits deadened, never knowing

thoughts worth thinking.

Some people care within their own demise
their envy keeps them living,

their thoughts so easily lead astray
their longing never ending.

It’s how falsehood gets passed down
from generations onto

those seeking
sustenance over fear,

plentitude over awareness,
bitter after the war to win all wars is lost,

roles played again and again
they sing their lonely anthems.

Their search for meaning never stays
the price too high

the road too steep and winding
the streets unpaved,

muddy ruts along the way
too deeply formed

too costly to repair with academic kindness

too easy to surrender with utter blindness.

The end result?

Blindness, winds its way along/its pathway leading nowhere/
no hope of rescue from their dying,

too lost to find/the road that’s never there/their narrow thoughts an outside force/that seeks to win the day/despite their loss of living.

Their fear? Death before living life.
Their regret? Unknown dreams and fantasies never lived/locked up crying within/never seeing the light of day/never real love finding,

a game they play with no winners.
except those few who find themselves

home at last
at journey’s end

at the place where life is

living …

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  1. tribalmysticstories

    True! Sad justice.


    1. midcenturyman

      I don’t know what this poem is about. when I started writing it I was thinking of Donald trump but I couldn’t blame ALL wealthy powerful people so I said ‘many’ which .. in poetry I think its’ best to make unequivable statements. You either believe something or, you don’t. there’s no in between … say what you’re going to say! should I condemn all rich powerful people no … so when I say ‘many’ to leads to vagueness. but this is all blah blah blah … I’m talking about evil people who only think of money and power and you can tell they’re evil by the way they treat people and their condition is universal that is, wherever they are the same inhumanity occurs. .

      the second half I was aiming to describe the pour souls who believe in T since I believe they will feel bitter about their betrayal. they WILL be betrayed. I try to make the point that, it’s their desire to believe in something coupled with the frustration that the world has moved on leaving them behind. they have NEEDS. they are the desperate. unfortunately, many of them are armed and live in small medium sized towns and cities.

      the only salvation for these people … not that it would change anything … is the hope that SOME of those manipulated poor souls who give their support might see the light and return to a world of normalcy. IF they don’t they’ll have to live with the ugliness of knowing they enabled a man like T. to ….. well, we’ll see.

      we are living in dangerous times.

      is this 200 words? it’s kind of a story. I’m telling you what it’s like to live in America right now. the majority of people feel shame, a sense of impending doom, division lines that seem to be hardening, lines drawn in the sand, threats that could be real and those mentally challenged people who see the chaos and divisiveness they are drawn in by the lies and hyperbole.

      Once the truth comes out from the mueller investigation … the findings will be so chilling and so unbelievable that …. many people will NOT believe the findings. and this is when it all begins …. .

      if you’ll send me your address I’ll send you my first chap book … I plan on publishing at least twice a month. why not? I have compiled almost ten years of work. I’m ready to throw as much up against the wall as I can hoping that some of it sticks.

      tell me what your world is like. you moved out of the village but it’s not so far so you visit or ….. WHAT DO I KNOW? I don’t even know where you’re from … methinks it’s either an on or off shore part of new Zealand. I dream about working with the natives in the forest. ks …..

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      1. tribalmysticstories

        KS – write me here.


      2. midcenturyman


        Liked by 2 people

      3. tribalmysticstories

        KS – you and a few people on my blog have become very special friends – like family to me. You’re very welcome. I’ve had a few health issues and I have to deal with them now, but I will have a new face blog when I blog again. You can always write me on gmail. Take care. :)


      4. midcenturyman

        i wrote you … i lost it … long commentary, interesting thoughts maybe you’d like, many words about The Tragedy, a true story seen through the eyes of a ten year old boy ……

        and why i’ve been gone so long ….. it’s a long story but mainly computer blamed. excrutiating not to be able to write and share with The Blah out there for almost thirty days!

        you would have enjoyed the comment i wrote but lost … at least i tried to make it that way ….

        health issues can be a serious matter. all my organs and heart are working well together it’s my skeletal frame that has been victimized by gravity but i’ve been blessed by infusions of titanium in both knees and the best English porcelain in my hip ….

        It seems I’m more creative in many but not ALL ways ….. at times more than ever maybe because i have more to draw from or it’s natures way of giving a little ‘kick back’ for all the shit .. whoops … sorry …

        whatever life is whether it’s made up or fate or random acts or we are beings manipulated by the forces around us with consciousness only an illusion as the caved light of the worlds we live in spin by just long enough enough for us to struggle with it long enough trying to make it into something good ….

        … and so we go stumbling down hill trying to catch up with the light that’s spinning by too quickly for us to make sense of what we see … we mold our lives from the stories stored inside and the ones we get from others ….. we make it into story with a beginniong middle and end that won’t hurt us or hurt others ….. but in the end it’s all recycled to be used to make mid twentieth century Danish Modern lamps and accessories.

        Anyway … The Tragedy is a trued story that had to be told.

        Seen through the eyes of a ten year old boy, little did i know that telling it would give awareness and evoke deeply hidden feelings within myself.

        it was an easy one to write with plenty of passion driving it …. passion still alive … but a different kind of passion that stems from a wondering black unrosolved ball of questions wrapped up in rubber bands like the inside of a golfball … the other side of human nature … the ‘sinside’ …. take the cover off and watch it all come inraveled …..

        it’s good to be back …. i hope you are well …. you don’t have to call me KS. You can call me kurt …. or kyle or kevin or kylie or ken or kenny …. but, the first choice would be the best choice since it’s my real name.

        please be well …… ks aka kurt

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      5. tribalmysticstories

        “Kurt” ?, okay Kurt. I’m so sorry I called you KS – but I have this bad habit of calling people by their initials. So you were away too? Ohh it is catchy..Haha. I’ve been away for a long time. I’m well, thank you so much for reaching out. Earlier (about mid year) I was quite ill. It is one of those things that you inherit and never know until you arrive at the age where “it” is due. But I seem to have gotten rid of it. I’m lucky. I have also been caught up in the art – mostly painting and now illustrations. I still write a little, but I have neglected my blog and feel guilty. Now I have to think of a grand comeback of some kind. I love it when you write me. It’s like me or someone taking an adventure in your mind somehow. Seriously – it’s pretty cool. I know what you’re saying, even if we don’t say or use the same words, but sometimes, I feel like those metal furniture, melted and bent in different ways and I do not know anymore and then I have to recover from all the odd bent shapes into something good, something better.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. midcenturyman

        and is the something “better” … what is the ‘better”. … I keep thinking that better is a world you can take no longer bent and twisted reality surrealistic world not of your familiarity or making well … it would drive me crazy … oh yes! and IT would probably drive me crazy too! oh jeez!! I’m so sorry … I hate it when I do that … oh and while I’m at it ………………………… I wanted to remark about your comment “I’ve been away for a long time,” because, I’ve been away for a really long time !! that was supposed to be a joke …. …. just kidding I’m a pretty sane person I outta be I’ve lived long enough to know what’s right and wrong and it’s good to know you’re gonna die maybe in ten years or sooner or 15 or later but, not forever and not … that soon. ……………. Your bright lights get a little brighter and the ones you don’t use fade away you get a chance to shine your days away except I wish they wouldn’t always be a blinking light ….. You want to know how old I am don’t you? I’m “no old”. my parents never told me what year I was born so it’s anybodies guess. most of the time I’m an idiot kid I just can’t help myself I drop stuff at the cashier counter or notice some dumb thing but people always laugh. I hear life stories all day long. some people leave a trail of tears … I leave a trail of laughing I don’t know why … I’m not afraid to act dumb because stupid is funny … I’ve tried to be an adult … throughout my whole life but I’m not sure I ever really was one … except I was a great dad I mean … WE were great parents. But I think my parenting was good because I was a kid for the most part ………
        is your world a twisted talking Bizzaro world you can take no longer, you need to get away you don’t know what to do when you return or if you’ll get away but get away you must? is this what it’s like?

        I have to go …. my mind’s a blank. it’s the middle of the night over here you know! take care good girl …. ks aka Gile Steele … that’s another story …. I’m aware what I have written is a pretty lousy excuse for a journey through the mind … maybe I’ll do better in the not too distant future. smiley face … take care … loveu ks

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      7. tribalmysticstories

        Hahaha. I have to sleep on the respond to this comment. :)


      8. midcenturyman

        have you emerged from the health issues cares and concerns i.e. have things resolved themselves and you are ready to move forward? personal question if you don’t mind. Does the crime rate in Papua affect you and your life? it’s been a while. I hope that with the duration things are getting better …. ks

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  2. midcenturyman

    OH! the chapbooks are free! no kidding! it’s payback for all the experiences and the people that are or have been part of my life including you … who make me who I am therefore, I owe what comes out of me to all and everything that has gone into me. your ‘likes’ and comments are a tiny spark of something wonderful that comes along that makes you feel like you’ve done something …… thanks …. ks


  3. tribalmysticstories

    Hi again Kurt,

    I’m in Brisbane Australia now, so I don’t get affected, but I do worry about my mother and siblings and other family members and friends in PNG. Yes, the crime rate is high in PNG. In my past life I had been a police officer and a journalist, so I worked in the thick of it. Thank you for caring.


  4. midcenturyman

    I hadn’t read this comment. how interesting. what a varied life. you have a LOT to write about. have you written about your experiences as a police officer living close to the edge, seeing what ‘real life’ is up close, the good the bad and the ugly. tell me about your journalism. what are you doing now in Brisbane? a while back I read about the riots it seemed a very dangerous place to be people are so desperate.


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