It’s Ironic

Something funny transpired today 

between my nurse practitioner Matt 

and Me after our 


He ended our visit saying,

“These are things you have to do when 

you start getting 

older,” and so

we had touched on 

the subject of


“Men don’t live as long as women you know. “ 

“I know,” one of us said,

“It’s the payback they get for 

bringing babies into 

the world.”

(and then)

“Oh man, you mean they get to live in this shitty world a little longer?”

To wit, it was said,

“The high point of their lives is when the men in their lives are gone.  Way before then, men can be more than just a nuisance. “  

The “other” said, “Much more than a nuisance man!!

Many if not all of us will be blabbering fools by that stage! “


“Idiots even!!……no wait……….. “What was I saying??

“It’s ironic ..”

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    (I’m laughing).


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