Without Love

Without Love

… we make our way across
the frozen tundra of
our hopeful desires

unaware that beauty rests
just below the surface of
our painful hearts;

a streak of light unseen
nestled within each throb of hurt
the light of hope

the knowledge that Love exists
only were it not for
the pain that comes with it,

verification of Love’s existence
its very presence the other half needed
to complete the whole,

darkness and light
giving form to our illusions
the clarity to continue unfettered

the price we pay for knowledge of truth?
the dark pain we feel
the price we pay to find life’s meaning.

We walk into the fuel can
of our hearts unknowing
the air stifling and flammable

pock marked faces
the scars of infidelity
the permanance of death

the knowledge of wasted time
the loss of hope
the bitter taste of lost love,

the random scars of life and love
all beauty and all pain

giving meaning to all consuming desire
beautiful with lust or anger
the call of bliss and freedom

the prisons of our minds
the sight of everything good given meaning

yet steeped in painful search along the way

the choices that we make
the human condition;

Are they real or an illusion?

Without love/life has no meaning.
Without pain/there can be no love.


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  1. Sohair

    Without pain there can be no love…
    Nice poem ….Ur philosophy is so realistic …
    Keep writing :-)


    1. midcenturyman

      thanks for the affirmation … ks


  2. tribalmysticstories

    I enjoy visiting your world. I get to experience all the emotions through your words. :)


    1. midcenturyman

      my God! oh my … your words have delayed reaction … discovery given in return, sweet moments in life as we move along …. a brief spark of something that’s never happened before … I’m sailing on calm seas with gusting winds … k

      Liked by 1 person

    2. midcenturyman

      I’ll challenge you any time any where buckaroo. lay down the terms and let’s get on with this thing little missy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. tribalmysticstories

        Hahaha – ley me apply some thought to my mind. haha


      2. midcenturyman

        is that a challenge? ugh … ok, you win the first round. what’s next? I challenge you to name 7 kinds of trees either in your back yard or …… across the road! I’ll go first since you’re sleeping … pine trees, a giant oak tree, gardenia, cabbage palm, Brazilian Pepper (invasive species), grange tree, mallaluka (another invasive species from New Zealand). your turn … he he he … ummmmm …. applying thought to your mind is like asking Alexa for the answer to something. oh! good morning …. ks

        Liked by 1 person

      3. tribalmysticstories

        That’s too easy – gum, pine, acacia, palm, poinciana, leopard, and mango trees. I was thinking more of pictures with stories. Say, 200 words.


      4. midcenturyman

        these will be stories already written that fit the parameters. i.e., this is a battle of the titans … you start with the best and go from there. oh wait ….. sorry …. you’re talking about me taking pictures of where I live then telling you the story behind the ‘place’. sounds like fun. not so combative. as far as trees go you have to know that Southwest florida has little variation in its flora and fauna. this is what I hate about it. a palm tree is a palm tree. and now, our area is growing so, the same stores occupy the corners … usually Walgreens, and the same franchise stores and restaurants and fast food places fill in all the spaces. it’s like the vegetation and the world growing up around it are mirror images of each other except, even though the flora and fauna is boring, the opposite is the epitome of what the world should NOT be. but, we have to feed the masses don’t we and in order to do that we have to have production and money and to sell useless things except … we are have a beautiful country and beautiful people doing wonderful things and majestic things to see but, there is an evil force in the world, just like the metaphor of the flora and fauna with Walgreens ….. the opposite force of good … an evil maniacal man. we have a high standard of living and the great experiment is government is something we’ve been proud of through every generation but I have great fear that it could crumble. so, I’ve gone from local to National …. sorry I depressed you. now I’m depressed too. I’ll give you a great tour of my life! and I can’t wait to see the green ….. and feel the wind .. you’ll meet 100 year old Bud who has dementia who I sit with a couple times a week trying to connect the dots so I can respond to his thoughts. we used to laugh a lot over really stupid things like .. “see ‘ya around … like a donut!” He’d forget he said it a few minutes ago and laugh just as hard if it comes five minutes later. I’m not making fun of Bud. I wouldn’t say it’s pathetic. He sleeps 19+ hours a day. and recently sleeps when he’s with me. he’ll have a nice long restful sleep one of these mornings. I only wish I could be there when it happens. he’s a special friend of mine. jeez … I hope I didn’t depress you again … I hope I know how to download pictures. first you have to tell me what city … and country …. you are from. we’ll go from there. I’m from port Charlotte florida on the southwest coast of florida, USA.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. tribalmysticstories

        Hang on – I need a coffee to get me through this long response. Hahaha. let’s write new stories. We take turns supplying pictures.


      6. midcenturyman

        Mysty! don’t drink so much coffee you’ll spill the beans! yeah, me and my long responses sometimes I have to use tooth picks to keep my eyes open … you’re funny ….. an excitable girl …. so you want stories …. what kind of stories … I’m not good at this. I can’t do ideas on demand I’m not that kind of guy. I have to go with my gut …. and my drum of course … that was supposed to be funny … well, I thought it was funny. I always think that when I’m trying to write something funny that I’m in that mood and it regurgitates oh … ! jeez … ! I’m sorry … . It just comes out of me so I look at it as if someone else wrote it.

        What I wanted to write to tell you is that at this time …. I can’t. I wish I could but, I can’t. I just can’t. I’m sorry … l mean, I feel sorrow that I can’t participate with you doing something that might lead to falling into an abyss or into an abyss or blossom into a flower … I just can’t at this time. I wish I knew more though. what do you have in mind? new stories … what are they? I was on the shore of Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes that surround the state of Michigan where I’m from. I LIVE in Florida but, I grew up in the northern part of Michigan. the state of Michigan has 10,000 lakes. Look us up, we’re shaped like a mitten. in fact the Michigan mitten and the Italian boot have been trying to get together for a long time but, they’re on opposite sides of the planet! I don’t feel sorry for them though. anyway, I was on the shoreline sitting near some rocks and a dock and a log or ‘deadhead’ had washed up on shore and there was seaweed at various places and my eyes happened to look into a dark cove along the side of this log or branch. IF I’VE TOLD YOU THIS STORY BEFORE YOU BETTER TELL ME! OK? so …. my attention is drawn to the dark cove when a faint light appears glows not very brightly then subsides then glows and subsides. I pointed it out to the person I was with when, whatever was in the cove took flight making the sound of a katydid or acacia a chirping sound without much melody ….. and it flew around and around and around and I stood and followed it as well as I could with my eyes (NOT my elbow) and there were times when I’d lose sight of it but maybe I never DID see it maybe I just saw the streak of it or followed the sound and created whatever it was out of my own imagination. But I know it was real. This was a highly intelligent …. beetle, I think. and maybe we just happened to be at the same place at the same time. the most intriguing thing is, I think it was flying around and around looking at me …. studying me and when it was satisfied it flew back into the cove it came out of and glowed on and off. ……. take turns supplying pictures? there’s an idea. pick one place and describe it as a picture so as to make the other person feel ‘place’ …. wow! a great idea! but, I can’t. NOT AT THIS TIME. or, maybe I’ll do it occasionally like, when i’m at the doctors office reception area. they can be very exciting places! but …. well, you know. I can’t …. . but I would like to continue the dialogue because your energy level draws me in. your turn there Mysty. let’s play it by ear. ks


        Liked by 1 person

      7. tribalmysticstories

        Hahaha – Okay, I hear you, and maybe I’ll just write one sentence and you write the rest.


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