FaKakda fakakda

Heard today downtown: “Fakakda this fakakda folker spoiling far a pongha fakakda, the fakakda fun a Yiddisha fakakda? that’s me!  I’m the number one fakakda fakakda best fakakda there is by far! Fakakda Me! Wooh woohwhoospuke spoof woof …. Oye veigh …. so

If you don’t think this is funny then I probably need to see a psychiatrist.  This definitely proves that stupid is funny which figures since, I’m the stupidest guy I know! oy .

Living most of my life within the Jewish culture taught me a very funny word and it popped into my head today … fakakda!  and I laughed.  So I scrambled around for something to write on when I realized the computer was on.  I had a V8 moment without the can!

So, I let my fingers do the walking through the sound within my brain.  Wanting to put just a LITTLE humanity into this ridiculous tirade of words I threw in the “Me” aspect … so fucking dumb …then, I had to immerse myself within the word world of “Me” (wherever that is ) and it needed to be in lock step with rest of this … I won’t say ..

See it’s all about rhythm to me.  Make the words skip across the page like flat skipped stones thrown across the water.  I may or may not know how to do this. But I have respect for what it is and how it feels to me!

To immerse yourself in the words is like crawling inside another world, stupid and asinine as often they are and I can be.   Really!  You didn’t know?   ok . bye .k

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  1. tribalmysticstories

    Hahahaha – I think you’re nuts! Love it.


    1. midcenturyman

      so …. I don’t hear from you for a million years then you show up on my doorstep to tell me I’m nuts?! it’s great to see you and it couldn’t be for a better reason. Thanks … ks

      Liked by 1 person

      1. tribalmysticstories

        :) I have never left Ks.


        1. midcenturyman

          I wrote something for you ……..

          Liked by 1 person

          1. tribalmysticstories

            Awww. That’s wonderful!


  2. midcenturyman

    you are a sweet girl. when I think of you I think of 25 or so beautiful women standing side but side their faces filled with joy playing the water as if the water was a drum … which it was … a water drum I was fortunate to see since I drum and, I think we communicated on that aspect … time run itself in circular fashion taking from each past bringing it into the future … blah blah …. it’s just great that I get to run into you every once in a while … with luck we’ll all see each other again and again. you always make me feel so good! take care and thanks … ks


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