When Night Birds Take Morning Flight

When Night Birds Take Morning Flight

I watched night birds take night time flight.

While breezes washed ashore

I walked the line where all three meet.

Sky within dark water,

waves of moonlight,

sparkling grains of sand

reflecting light

below/above …

between each other’s sight

within their kisses

of the night …

I looked into the grounds of sweet good byes,

the thought of daylight in disguise,

my thoughts on morning’s rise,  with

each new morning’s light;

the sky that touches deep within

the sound of inland seas.

I climbed back into bed and slept again.

With speckled stars above the nighttime breeze

with moonlight showing through the leaves

I’ll sleep ‘till morning light


daylight birds

take morning

flight …


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  1. Br Francis-Clare

    This form of verse is one of my favourites, a story that runs in rhymn


    1. midcenturyman

      may I steal that phrase, “runs in rhyme’ and add, rhythm. thank you for the lovely … metaphor? It’s beautiful. “runs in rhyme.” … I can’t thank you enough for your fine gift. with gracious thanks … ks


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