Love Gone By

Songs of life gone by

Once familiar
faces, stored emotions

strands of light and sound
from long dead memories can return

to life with sudden force
from fields of color

passing by;

when first time love was in the air
loving words so dearly spoken return now

whispered in your ear when least expected.

Familiar faces clearly seen with
long ago shared feelings.

Forgotten strands of time’s light stored

that flood the senses .

Perplexed we ask …
how could dreams of such remembered


(the force of passion born anew, 
the scent of lover’s neck recalled, 

first delight shared when senses
came alive with life’s most precious


life’s long forgotten treasures

have passed by so unseen?

Some thoughts come to mind
with sad regret:

the precise moment when
playful eye’s appeal once given

was stolen from sight
by random sound come crashing by,

love’s precious moment stolen
never to be returned.

(the seed that once planted yields
life’s sweetest fruit).

Precious time and light recalled
from special moments flashing by

can bring sad regret to life;

those fleeting moments

like specks of golden pollen
drifting clear

against a deep blue sky or

points of light seen wandering
among stars in the

darkest hours of the
night …

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