Black Hole Sun

He lived within the half arch of light
clueless about space and time –

his simple thoughts were only concerned
with food, sex and shelter.

He felt safe in his world except for the force
of an endless dream.

An ancient story told to him
by rods and switchbacks buried deep within his being.

Little bits of a story passed on to him
from the trillions who came before,

an ancient story told and retold
countless times,each retelling

given a twist or turn in the plot
of a never ending story with one theme …

to stay alive, to survive.

He ventured beyond his world from time to time
driven by the mystery … to fly through space, to

discover another reality, to satisfy his craving, to feed his curiosity.

One day he passed through light
with gathering speed, confident to find

his unknown destination when he was swept within the grasp of a circular path.

He felt gathering speed driven
by an unknown force, much greater

than anything experienced in his world
as the energy of smaller and smaller circles

drew him deeper and deeper into
a darkening world.

In vain, he gave himself over to
the power before he vanished within

the blackest hole where not even
light could escape!

In the end he found himself
in another world much more profound in

nature where vibrations from the past, present and future

joined to welcome him

in chorus

to a new universe of possibilities
in the nebula of another galaxy, where

the endless dream of every flying
cockroach that ever lived

comes true within

the confines of

an underground

septic tank …

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