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To Languish By the Sea the Sea

Have you ever … “It’s on the tip of my tongue,” before? of
course you have who
hasn’t when

something is gone and come and
gone again .. post scripted  or seen languishing with

endless superlatives where they’re printed,
worth zilcho
depending on
how many

fish you can get

 to climb to
the top of that tree … !


the sea the sea
the sea beneath
the sea beneath the sea

the undeterred sea

scraping … scraping …. scraping …..

the eternal song

scraping scraping …

eternal song …

 Evermore … Pain

To sit for

hour after hour

not without pain most of the time

the dulling pain that

grows sharper and duller in

throbbing proportion enveloping same time/opposing beat.

 The beast eats me with pain

its voracious teeth

pin needle sharp pin teeth sharp needles

slobbering hounds tooth flat molars grinding wheat and the bones of people  that slobbering thug

 that eats me!

when will it leave me …

when will it end ???


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