Somber chords
short awaits
finish words
meaning too late
stolen and replaced …

stone cold vistas rock
slides combustion engine
seen to be heard
not listened to
material form dissipates  to
zero …

this is absurd … !

coal mine gone from
disappears … from
sight …

it’s not like frozen trust, u said
didn’t know … What ???

silent indignation
feelings advanced; taken
back frankly
a: a fascinating two toned
polar play

charges filing shifting
dynamo magnetics

night eyes …

sparks fly … !
arcs risen
space and winning time .. ? time and
lack thereof … ? so

night flight

be when,
starbright light
gives sight to
night time scenes
seen  … seeming, dreams …

night flights

inland seas
the reason Be

to see and
Be … with

thee ….