… we shared our lungs and
the soot upon our fingers …

the sounds of crashing cars at night …
their steel wheels spinning  …
the sound of dynamos coupling …
the lonely whistle’s departure
the sound of blowing steam …

(singing lonely notes to us
in our dreams)
songs of departure
for those of us with
longing hearts
who sailed the rails
for hidden treasure
to feed their hungry hearts

never to be seen again …

Those of us who stayed endured
the soot that lived within our
we slept on grey sheets
we hung
to dry in
the sun of
light …

How could we not share
our commonalities in
the sooty air of that
little town?!

We were carbon copies
who saw each other
everywhere …

How could we NOT share
in large part the sums of
our greater whole?

With every single entity
an overlapping part
of every single mind

we shared a single soul
with many beating

hearts .,..