Nick Makes A Funny Joke For Jessica


Nick and Jessica email each other.

Jessica’s email address is

Nick’s email address is

Nick types in

Nick is chuckling because he thinks jessica”s going to think the joke he’s about to send her … is really funny …  Nick doesn’t expect Jessica to have a laugh orgasm which is a common occurrence between nick and jessica when think something is really funny.  the joke isn’t orgasmic but nick thinks she’ll think it’s cute and funny.  she loves nick’s sense of humor because most of it is really dumb.  which …, Jessica is the queen of sarcasm.  so, you put two and two together.

well any way Nick types in Jessica’s name sends her a quick email. “I’m sending you a good joke i made up Jessica.  I want to know if you think it’s funny.  ok?

send ……………………………………………..

Jessica writes back immediately.

“Send it on baby!  I can’t wait I hope it’s what i’ve been waiting for all day!”

Nick smiles while typing his joke:

hey jess?  do you know the difference between yaaaaaaaa ! … and ayyyyyyyy !  I assume you don’t Jessica otherwise i’d know you knew.  the differenc is ….

yaaaa … is a person cheering while facing you.  ayyyyyyy … a person cheering FACING AWAY FROM YOU!

It’s a yucker isn’t it jessica?  admit it …


jessica writes back …

i love it Nick … kind makes you want to go to two football games on opposite ends of town doesn’t it?

Nick lays his head on the counter top where he’s typing … and can’t stop laughing …

Nick thinks jessica is the funniest person in the whole world  …. hahaha …..

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  1. Nick Makes A Funny Joke For Jessica-huh huh 12 July 2017 – Br Andrew's Muses

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    1. midcenturyman

      Brother Emo … such a pleasure to make your countenance once again … i thought i may not have ever seen you again … i wrote a draft that i did not post, telling who my favorite followers were or have been … and you were in the top 5 … at least … i always felt you read and then THOUGHT about what i had written then, responded. This has always meant something to me because they are my thoughts for exchange of thought … or at least to give a person something to think about … lately i haven’t been doing much of either … can’t write for shit but, i’m producing a chap book … very busy with that …. it’s so good to see your face and to know that you look my way occasionally …. ks


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