Trump Card Takes the Pot


Trump Card Takes the Pot

Trump card plays his hand
knowing how the game will end

He’s a big game hunter now
he has his own guns !

the biggest guns in all the lands!

the power of Life and Death held
firmly in his hands …


Trump card plays his hand …


Friendly nations now
the fraternity of sociopaths

they share their common secrets
they are of one mind …

They have it all inside …

the stage is set for

Act 2 …

of this tragic story
waiting to unfold …


who it’ll be a tragedy for
no one really knows …

maybe we’ll ALL be losers …


I’ve been waiting for some time now
for the spark to set the fire ..

the flame that starts the
slow burn …

and i see it just got started!  

(I should have known it would spark to life in California!)

The stage is set …


Trump card played his hand …


Act II is set to play … !


There’s open warfare in the streets

a purposeful venture
an investment in time
the dividends paid by the investment of his
rhetoric … It’s time to reap

the payoff …


Trump card played his hand …


Chaotic forces needed/on demand


Trump card takes his stand …


Opposing forces created/hatred gives incendiary reason/

If there’s tinder when a
fire starts

the flames get out of
hand …

It could turn into a blaze … !


Some people say
that’s ok … it’s just
Trump card learning
to play ….

Act 3 … Siloquoy

“Doncha wonder what’s the plan
where’s it all going from here?

willl it have a happy end ?
will we all be rich and fat … or even fatter!

Strangely enough it’s headed nowhere … !


A meandering pack of beasts with one accord
roaming earth

desire with equal distribution
shared/single destination

the double helix never so grand
the power hungry people
from selected lands … joined in
tribal majesty
hungry for the feast


Trump card plays his hand …


It’s all about power
once the thrill of money dies

it doesn’t really matter
it’s the next step as you rise  ..

another conquered feast
to feed the hungry beasts

another draght to slake the power hungry

thirst …

It flows
It grows
It waits

and when time is right

it will flash point … !

We’ll live in an orderly world
very little crime to speak of

the prayers of little children
will echo through the halls ..


Inside tiny cubicles
within the tiny walls

will sit the hungry masses/innocent victims of the law/creating space for peace to grow/gentrification/repartiation of the masses …


Prisoners inside cubicles walls

waiting for the day they know
will never come …

While the rest of us will
fein happiness, freedom and joy

waiting for

the other shoe to

drop …..


Trump card plays his cards

and takes the

pot …

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