A Day In the Life III

continued  …  So i grabbed the shop vac went into the bathroom and and sucked it up …

While I was sucking I noticed

how lousy the baseboards looked
so I decided I’d tape them off
and paint them …

BUT NOT TODAY .. !  I had enough on my platter!  (and the list was growing … )

I just wanted to make note of it
AND  … that I needed high gloss paint

So i got smart …

I went to where my tablet was,
but on the way i saw the computer
and remembered the pictures
I wanted to download so …

I figured I’d probably remember the paint job AND
that i needed high gloss paint ….

So, I sat down at the computer,
started looking around for
the pictures when I noticed
there was a ”Events” file which,

… once i figured out what it was …

I realized it would make
accessing pictures so much easier …

So I set up a new “Events” file for
”moonlight photos” because along
the way, I noticed that i had taken
some pretty cool moon shots

(they were grainy, but I thought the graininess added to their character.)

I centered a couple of those moon shots
and used the color enhancer … (which made the clouds pop)

then i found some pictures i took one night,
of water sprinkling down from
the shower head with the outside light
shining from behind,

making the drops
look like globules of gold
falling through the air …

I cropped a lot of dark space around them

THEN, I saw some of my
”everyday things” pictures which … (what the heck, as long as I was there) I
clicked on and dragged into that file …

THEN I noticed I another moonlight file!
so put them all together …

I continued searching for my
“Everyday Things” pictures
when I found
a whole shit load of barn shots that I
put into the barn file …

Then i said … FUCK … !

i’ve got to take a shower and get the fuck out of here!

continued .,… 

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